Wednesday, 13 October 2010

28mm Painted Terminators.

The new MAIB's are showcased to the waiting world as the answer to the zombie threat.

General Louis"Mad Dog"McKinnon at the head of the new project he has been in charge of for 10 years.

Massive support and command MAIB vehicles loom over proceedings.

The young scientist who stepped in recently to hurry development of the MAIB's and his questionable design of the ground command MAIB.

MAIB: Military Artificial Intelligence Bot.

Have always liked the copplestone 28mm terminators and got some from my birthday list but then you realise they are an easy paint job but in what role do you use them, you can go down the movie road and have characters from the movies which I will probably do or I will go with the zombie route for the moment.The story will be that these MAIB's were put into production years ahead of schedule in an answer to the zombie infestation on the planet(some say too early) and will wipe out the infestation with little risk to humans.There have been some glitches with the bots not always doing what they were programmed to do and there have been human casualties but the goverment denies any lasting issues and hails this as a great step forward and the newly formed company CYBERDENE.

The terminators or bots are copplestone, while the support vehicles are Star Wars tank droids, a hasslefree scientist, general and assistant from copplestone and ground support bot from Foundry.Will pick up some more bots from EM4 at SELWG and maybe a hunter killer from the terminator:salvation kits on Ebay.  


  1. Sweet project, looking excellent. Now get gaming and show us some action pics, ok?

  2. Got some action pics coming up today from my Zombietown USA set up.