Sunday, 24 October 2010

How long is too long for an order to turn up?

Finally received an order that i placed online 59 days ago or just over 8 weeks in old money, everything was in order and lovely as usual but I had sent 3 emails in this time and had an answer to only one but it does state on the website that things are taking longer than usual and an the email said things were very busy(good for him and keeps him in business so I and others can buy his product).I also got 2 free items that I can actually use but does that mean they are admitting that it was too long or just something extra for the customer(I have never received extra off them before).

I am probably overreacting but when somebody takes your money for something they should update you on any longer than normal delays and respond to your enquiries, I just think that way and this episode has probably stopped me(maybe) from ordering again from this company, what do you consider too long and have you had similar experiences.

One company I ordered off several years ago never responded to emails and kept my money for over 6 months until I met them at a show and got my money back after a very brief discussion.


  1. I think that you are well over reacting, 59 days is nothing, I'd be prepared to wait at least 2.5 years for an order, if I really wanted it that is!!!! Lastly Punctuation please, if your gonna use a blog please have the courtesy to use it! I ran out of breath several times reading this post, I may have to go sick tommorrow......

  2. I use the old 'allow 28 days for posting' rule as an outside estimate, though I do get twitchy if it's over two weeks nowadays. I would expect to get an e-mail if an order is going to be severely delayed, having to contact them is poor service imo.

  3. This is why I stay away from online ordering I hate to wait : ) lol great post keep up the good work. I am following you via NB and Buzz I cant wait to show my son your site he love solders and will love your site.

    Jessica Brant

  4. I think you should name names, so we can chose to avoid or not.
    59 days is far too long, and ignoring emails is scandalous.

  5. I would be more than slightly miffed if they had taken the money for the goods prior to them being dispatched. Not at all acceptable and leaves the company sending the item open to all sorts of claims (the point they take your money the contract for sale becomes binding - giving rise to breach of contract issues re failed/delayed delivery).

    It would certainly put me off using the company again, especially if they couldn't even respond to email chasers...

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