Sunday, 10 October 2010

SELWG next week!

Thought that SELWG was this weekend and was playfully reminded by friends and even loved ones  that i was mistaken and an idiot,so looking forward to next weekend there are four of us going from the"The Group with No Name",this will be my third and final show this year(barring a lottery win).We have been to Cavalier(small and ok but terrible lighting),SALUTE(good this year but the queues) and SELWG(I love the smell of chlorine in the morning).No money to go but a day out is a day out in my book and if not gaming then a show is just as good.

Have finished my terminators from copplestone,finished the not The Devils Rejects figures from Paul Hicks,took some action shots from Zombietowm USA(loads of zombies) and there will be the Vallejo Russian bloody green debate and all these will appear next week.                           


  1. I'll be there again this year. Like you I've not got a lot of ready cash to spare so I'll just have to content myself with taking pictures and soaking in the atmosphere.

  2. First time at a show that I will actually take pictures myself.