Saturday, 30 October 2010

Wargaming models, what's acceptable?

Spent part of the day making this 15mm VTOL model I bought from GZG games at the SELWG 2010 show, it was an impulse buy and I am or was going to use it with my 28mm terminators as a hunter killer gunship variant, so I bought one with the idea if it looked alright with the 28mm stuff I already have I would get more.So far so good.

It was a terrible model to make, heavy mold lines, lots of flash, parts of the model where the metal had not formed and a lot of holes where I do not think there should be anyway, which with application of green stuff and copious superglue I put it together and took a picture.One of the engine pieces developed metal fatigue and the plug that inserts into the body fell off which required green stuff.

There were no instructions(you do not always get them) so I used a picture from the website to use as a guide, there is no flying stand(you do not always get them) but that model in the picture appears to be in better condition than mine in my opinion.Now I am not the best model maker in the world but this has annoyed me and I will try and sort out the problems with it and probably still use it.What i am trying to say is am I too fussy and would you accept bad quality in any model you purchased.

Do you have a better horror story about something like this and what you are willing to put up with?


  1. My way of looking at it is, you've payed hard earned cash for a model, I expect top quality. Your not fussy at all, I would be more than a little annoyed if this happened to me as I don't have the patience.

  2. That sounds like a pretty big pain. I've had something similar happen in the past with different resin ships I've bought. I've had to spend a lot of time filling bubbles with putty, and sanding before the model was even ready for painting. Because I usually just scratchbuild, it seemed worse because I paid a lot more for the convenience of a pre-built model, and then just had to spend a bunch of time fixing it. And also, no instructions. I wasa little disappointed with the whole process.

  3. Unfortunately this is an all too common problem, even from the larger companies. I expect mould lines etc but I've had several figures recently with poor casting. As for the lack of building instructions... you should try putting together anything from battlefront. If your lucky they have an assembly guide on their website but not always.

  4. I've had this experience with my Forgeworld certified Baneblade: it lacked the instructions and the threads were a terrible mess to figure out, in the end I made it and the model is now one of the highlights of my showcase but thinking back I still get the shivers down my back.