Friday, 23 July 2010


I love nearly all aspects of wargaming and I am lucky enough through a circle of wargaming friends and enthusiasts in England and also in the Republic of Ireland that I have played most periods some I liked more than others but that is not the point it is about playing the periods and enjoying the hobby and do not mind what people say but sometimes its about the winning(if you are lucky enough) and the bragging that follows.I enjoy books on wargaming and war and war/historical movies like the post before with the clip from Waterloo they get the juices flowing and the interest peaked and get you motivated when you are in the painting or wargaming doldrums that most wargamers can suffer from time to time.


  1. Very nice blog and miniatures :)

    Cheers from Italy

  2. Thanks for that, become a follower.

  3. I'm spending my morning looking at the first posts from some of the 'Old Sweats'. Can you imagine way back in July 2010 that this blogging thing would be such a big part of our hobby 'life'? Crazy isn't it? Thanks for keeping it up Fran - I always enjoy visiting.

    Hope to roll dice with you in the future (maybe even on the same side of the table!).