Thursday, 31 March 2011

28mm Painted Quantum Gothic Sentry Guns.

.......and some scale pictures to give you an idea of size.

These sentry guns come from Quantum Gothic, made of resin and are a very nice piece of kit.

L to R, 28mm Foundry, 28mm Hasslefree Miniatures and 28mm Empress Miniatures.

L to R, 28mm Pig Iron Miniatures and 28mm Copplestone Castings.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Painted 28mm Pig Iron Miniatures Feral Ork Bodged Tank.

.......the last of the feral armour, tommorow a group shot and then they go on ebay.

I have no idea which part of my mind this came from, some pieces from the bits box, a small ebay purchase and a 28mm cargo container from my modern scenery range and hey presto madness. Fun to try and make things work and I like how it turned out but it is a bit over the top but that bodging for you. There is also some tau parts, 1/48th scale WW2 engine and sandbag parts but mostly WH40K ork parts.

28mm Pig Iron Miniature and WH40K ork dreadnought for scale.

Monday, 28 March 2011

28mm War of the Roses Game 3rd September 1460 Northumberland.

The Battle of Lee's Pond, near ElderLee Village in Northumberland on the 3rd of September 1460. 

The Earl of Salisbury is beseiging Alnwick castle in Northumberland held by the Lancastrians, news arrives about a Lancastrian relief force on it's wat to lift the seige.The force is led by Lord Roos and various minor nobles but with some good retinue troops lent out by other nobles. The Earl of Salisbury has decide to intercept this force before it gets to near Alnwick castle, so has sent Lord Fauconberg (Salisburys brother) to stop the relief force.
The Yorkists must win the day otherwise they will have to lift the seige, giving victory to the Lancastrians.The Lancastrians must win the day by relieving the beseiged garrison of Alnwick castle, by beating the Yorkist Army at Lee's pond the seige will be lifted and the garrison rescued from certain death.
No pressure then.

The rejects had a war of the roses game on Sunday which involved Surjit (Commander), myself and Richard as the Lancastrians, Ray (Commander) and Smithy as the Yorkists. The troops were already deployed and it was a meeting engagement useing Warhammer age of Chivalry rules but with teaks and house rule included.
There was one other thing that didn't help but was actually relevant, there would be no discussion of tactics allowed between the player unless a meesenger was sent (this messenger was not guaranteed to arrive in time or at all) and this with some incredible tactics used by Surjit was the main reason we lost the game, well that's what Richard said.

Information on the period if interested

Initial deployments with the Yorkists on the left.

Yorkist infantry and cavalry advancing.

Obligatory contractual shot of Postie (self proclaimed leader of the rejects), ringmaster and tea boy.

Yorkist forces start their advance, it wasn't much of an advance for Smithy.

My Lancastrian forces eagerly rushing forward.

Local commerce still continues despite the battle.

Yorkist infantry continue the advance.

Lancastrian cavalry prepare to charge, they died in their saddles due to the withering yorkist archery

Yorkist infantry and bowmen advancing, the archery in this period was deadly especially the better trained retinue bowmen.

An angry mob appears in the village and due to what Ray had done earlier they came on to my Lancastrian side. 

What Ray did to this local (Boo, Hiss).

Postie had bought brand new tiles for this game eeven though he didn't need them but because of Richards shenanigans this was the outcome, I won't show you some of his other mishaps with the scenery but I digress and back to the game. 

After several roundas of archery, handgun and artillery exchanges, the sides are about to clash in meele.

Richard explains to Ray how to use his fecking camera.

My 2 billmen units face a charge of Yorkist heavy cavalry. 

Another clash of infantry.

An overall view of the table/battlefield near the end.

The aftermath of the yorkist cavalry charge, two billmen units no longer on the table, the dice gods and heavy cavalry fecked me over, this last action ended the game and gave the Yorkists forces victory..

Ray being very unprofessional in victory, it put a damper on a good natured game:D

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Angry Movie Lurker Review 31: Let Me In.(3 STARS)

A bullied young boy befriends a young female vampire who lives in secrecy with her guardian.

Have not seen the original movie that this is based on but have been led to believe that they are very nearly like for like, it's about a young boy (Owen) living in an apartment block with his mother who is going through a nasty divorce with his father when a young girl (Abby) moves into the apartment next door with her father and a strange friendship develops, for the young boy has a terrible time at school from bullying and the young girl who looks 14 is really not and is a vampire and her "father" who is not really her father but more a blood supplier from unsuspecting locals, her father dies in a botched blood supply attempt and the young girls friendship with owen gets more serious with Owen, she convinces him to stand up to his bullies and this leads to Owen fighting back with terrible consequences at the end of the movie, there is a cop investigating all the murders and believes satanists are at work but to me this is a vampire love story and the last one I remember was Bram Stokers Dracula with Keanu Reeves and Anthony Hopkins.

This is a good vampire horror love story movie, their blossoming friendship and his coming to terms with what she is and his reactions are what make the movie, there is gore but nothing excessive, I only knew two of the main characters, Abby played by Chloe Moertz who was in Kick-Ass and Elias Koteas who plays the cop very well (he was in Shutter Island, The Thin Red Line, Shooter...) but it's got a great ending (you know I like revenge) and a happy sort of how will that work ending but maybe I'm just getting soppy in my old age.

Great performances from everybody involved, my review guide to the 3 STARS are at the bottom of the blog page.

Friday, 25 March 2011

28mm Painted Pig Iron Ferals Heavy Dreadnought (Deff Dread).

.......their second last piece of heavy support for the ferals, a deff dread from their Games Workshop WH40K ork range and a really nice model, received my first 20mm WW2 order yesterday, only ordered it on Tuesday from the Sgts Mess, I believe my eyesight has failed since I last did 20mm because they're smaller than I bloody remember. Have ordered from a few companies to gauge scale and size for this new project. On Sunday the Rejects meet up for a game without the presence of Ray from Don't throw a 1 and things will go a lot calmer and smoother now:P

Don't know why there's so few picture but that's the ferals for you, they just buggered off.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Inspring Picture 19: Survival and 75,000 hits.....thanks very much.

This picture reminds me of the joke about two wildlife documentary cameramen filming a pride of lions in Africa when the pride decides to move and head towards the two cameramen with possible mischief in their eyes and heart, one of the cameramen starts to put on his running shoes he had in his bag, his colleague turns to him and says" you'll never outrun them", his colleague responds by saying "it doesn't matter as long as I outrun you!"

75,000 hits, thanks very much people.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Painted 28mm Pig Iron Miniatures Feral Trukks.

........continuing the 28mm Pig Iron feral project with these WH40K ork trukks from Games Workshop, really lovely kits, highly recommended..

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

28mm Painted Pig Iron Ferals (Ork) Light Dreadnoughts.

Have a few bits of armour and transport to add to the Pig Iron Miniatures Ferals, these are Games Workshop WH40K ork dreadnoughts painted to blend in with the ferals, have some other GW products for them and then they are done, will be heading the 20mm WW2 route soon after especially after Salute 2011.

These are really some of GW's best models and were a lot of fun to make and paint, coming up will be a Deff Dread, ork trukks and a bodge and scratchbuild of incredible little point or reason.....the anticipation you can taste it:P

Ignore the madness behind as Zombietown USA is being dismantled for a more rural larger setting for a zombie game.