Wednesday, 30 November 2011

15mm Ancients wargaming eye candy, Hittites and Assyrians.

This batrep has already been published over at the other Rejects blogs, all I can say is that it was a one sided game for the other side but I had a good time and a win is a win especially when it's against Ray!

So here are some of my pictures from the game and have yourselves a good day!

The initial layout before we but more they screwed it up.

The town of Sansat circa 854BC.

Contractual Postie picture, took some pictures of his second man cave which I will post this week.

This represents myself, Prince Fran the flame haired.

The Assyrians deployed for battle.

Bloody Hittites!

There wouldn't be much difference 5 turns later!

Assyrian heavy chariots.

Assyrian medium cavalry.

Assyrian heavy infantry with ladders for siege work.

Assyrian baggage camp and harem!

Postie had 10 of these on the table and could be reinforcements but mine here turned out to be peasants gathering wood...dammit.

Slingers...useless gits.

Heavy infantry...not so useless.

I, Prince Fran the flame haired lead my forces from the back mind you...I am son number 25 according to my dad the King.

Arab camelry or as Ray described the ancient version of a bleeding panzer.

I lead some Hittite chariots into an ambush....cue evil laughter!

...and then give them a kicking...... seen here....cue more maniacal laughter!

Chariots engaging each other....

...bleeding Hittites have to double team me I'm that awesome and humble!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The many faces of Wargaming or doing as you're told!

On Sunday Posties Rejects met up for a game of 15mm ancients and as you've possibly heard here and here it was a bit of a disaster for BigLee and Ray, the game was finely set up by Postie with hidden units and possible Favour of the Gods markers all over the place but where the problem started was with one side's man in charge sticking to a plan (in his eyes a good plan) that other's possibly didn't think so!

Now you know me a little and I'm not one to focus on the misery of others (well Ray can be an exception) but I felt sorry for the boys and did a little pictorial tribute to the many faces of wargaming...our hobby.

Will post some of my pictures of my game tomorrow for eye candy purposes, sorry about yesterday but the SWMBO was in her birthday mode so I took the day off and hid.

This is going to be a good day and a good game my friend....



You need to stop taking pictures Fran or I'm going to arse invade you with that camera!

A moment of despondency....

The brave face.........

I'm not playing anymore........


I'm going to kill him..........

I had a great time though and won!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Inspiring Picture 31: Villains Accuracy?

It's bad enough when your lackeys and henchmen can't hit the side of a barn door while standing beside it but you can't knock off the hero yourself as the villain other than give him a fecking flesh wound but not before you tell him the fecking plot.

Note to self when I take over the world, no giving away the plot and the henchmen (maybe henchwomen?) need firearms and accuracy training but obviously not too bright as you don't want them getting ideas!

Got a game this weekend with the Rejects so you all have a good one this weekend hopefully especially the Thanksgiving lot who are still enjoying their 4 day weekend!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Angry Movie Lurker Honest Review 58: Killer Elite 2011 (3 STARS)

When his friend is kidnapped, a retired assassin/hitman is forced back into action. His job to kill 3 members of the S.A.S for their part in a mission many years ago in Oman.

The movie is based on a supposedly true story and book written in 1991 by Sir Ranulph Fiennes called "The Feather Men" whose character appears in the movie and who also was seconded to the S.A.S and served in Oman (The Dhofar Rebellion 1962-75) about which the book is mostly about and the reason for the contracts.

Set in 1980, Danny (Jason Statham) is a mercenary who has retired due to a mission which we see going wrong for him, his friend Hunter (Robert de Niro) is kidnapped by a Sheik who believes the S.A.s murdered 3 of his sons in the fighting in Oman years before, he forces Danny to take out these 3 men and make it look like an accident so as not to raise suspicion.
Along with 2 mercenary friends Davies (Dominic Purcell, brilliant in the role and great sideburns) and Mieir (Aden Young) they set out to do so but a society called the Feather Men (ex S.A.S members who protect and look after ex-S.A.S members) learn of the plot and set their man Spike (Clive Owen) plus others to find out and protect the targets.
I won't go into much more other than to say this is a good movie with a lot of action, moustaches, gore, sideburns and car chases. There is conspiracy and dodgy dealings all over it but it's not bad and Yvonne Strahovski (Sarah from Chuck the TV series) is in it.

Ranulph Fiennes has always been very vague about the book and story and was even confronted by a daughter of a character killed in the movie to which he admitted the story was fiction?

Definitely worth a watch and they should make a movie about Ranulph Fiennes (turned down by Cubby Brocolli for the part of James Bond for having hands that were too big and a face like a farmer!).

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

28mm Modern Civilians for Zombie Gaming 2...what are their chances?

Another 2 civilians from Foundry miniatures painted up as a change from 20mm and again their chances?

City worker, stocks and shares are his life, aggressive, stressed to feck, heart attack candidate, power mad and a capitalist....4 out of 10

City worker?, maybe a doctor or scientist, he has possibilities by helping others but has a comb over which is bordering on him getting one in the back of the head if he turns out to be useless..... 5 out of 10

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Heaven & Hell: Diary of a German Paratrooper.

Picked it up on the bring and buy at Salute, I always like to read a bit from the other side of the conflicts.

Very good account of a German paratrooper from the second world war from training right up until his surrender to British troops at Rees, Germany in 1945, it's a no bullshit look at the training and tactics of a new type of warfare, he fought in Poland 1939, Narvik 1940,Crete 1941, Russia 1941-2-3, Sicily and Southern Italy 1943, Normandy 1944 and finally Holland and /Lower Rhine 1944-5 and is sent to England as a prisoner of war until 1946.

He starts off with enthusiasm for the war and the Nazi party but as his account goes on this enthusiasm for both dwindles as the war and years progress. His writing is short and to the point with literally dates sometimes following each other as he mentions little if nothing happened or if  their is action or casualties, he cares for his men and their survival, he has some discipline issues in the early days.

We learn what he thought, what he felt and what he went through and his transformation from an eager soldier into a war weary veteran wanting mainly to bring his men home safely, his description of the chaos and confusion of war is vivid and grim. Good read and great pictures throughout.

Service Medals:

Iron Cross First Class
Iron Cross Second Class
Luftwaffe Jump Badge
Luftwaffe ground assault badge
Close Combat Clasp in Silver
Wound badge in Silver
Narvik campaign sheild
Kreta Armelband

Monday, 21 November 2011

28mm Modern Civilians for Zombie Gaming......what are their chances?

28mm foundry civilians for zombie/modern gaming but what are their chances when then outbreak comes?

Still painting up the odd figure for zombie and modern gaming, as we all now in most games civilians are a bit of a burden to be protected and saved but what about the civilian being able to look after themselves from the get go?

Two likely lads here.

City road sweeper, fit from all the breast feeding of that brush and as a possible weapon maybe or likely to be as fit as a sloth but has life experience? 6 out of 10 survivability  

Student type, fashionable and functional clothing,but what's in the bag, books, weed and munchies or a Glock but possibly too sheltered and naive a character? 5 out of 10 survivability

Friday, 18 November 2011

IMAGE WARNING: 20mm Painted WW2 German Battlefield Discipline.

First question is why paint the miniature? (I didn’t, Ray did but that’s not the point), why is the miniature on sale from a manufacturer?, why buy it? I suppose I like the disturbing but true and it’s only a metal miniature, this scene happened a lot as a deterrent to others and some say kept the German army together in the later stages of the war.

There were a lot of examples of battlefied justice throughout the centuries for example English drumhead court martials (I believe first documented in the Peninsular War 1807, the term arose from the use of a drumhead as an improvised writing table) but is the miniature is justied or just disturbing?

I have included some other examples of battlefield or otherwise justice miniatures.

Feldgendarmerie units were generally given occupation duties in territories directly under the control of the Wehrmacht. The duties policing the areas behind the front lines, ranged from straightforward traffic control and population control to suppression and execution of partisans and the apprehension of enemy stragglers.

But by 1943 as the tide of war changed for Nazi Germany, the Feldgendarmerie were given the task to maintain discipline in the Wehrmacht. Many ordinary soldiers deemed to be deserters were summarily executed by Feldgendarmerie units. This earned them the pejorative Kettenhunde (chained dogs) after the gorget they wore with their uniforms. The arbitrary and brutal policing of soldiers gave them the other nickname Heldenklauer (hero-snatcher) because they screened refugees and hospital transports for potential deserters with orders to kill suspected malingerers. Rear-echelon personnel would also be checked for passes that permitted them to be away from the front.

I may never use the miniature in a game but I still bought it though, apologies if the images disturb but it did happen!

The miniature is from CP Models and the Feldgendarmerie are from AB figures.

Execution of a German soldier caught in a US uniform in WW2 around the time of the Battle of the Bulge I believe.

The execution of Catherine Howard.

English Civil War justice I think from Redoubt Miniatures.

Guillotine set from Foundry Miniatures.