Tuesday, 30 April 2013

28mm Old West "The Good, The Bad and the Ray?"....

...and an attempt at stubble, unshaved, 5 o'clock shadow, etc..........and a cowgirl!

28mm set of figures "Il Buono, Il Brutto ed Il Cattivo"  from Artizan Designs and a picture to prove Ray has a Mexican/Tuco fetish....

....after that horrifying picture I give you this to sooth your eyes!

Sunday, 28 April 2013

15mm Gamecraft Miniatures Hesco Barriers......

....also called a Hesco bastion and is a modern gabion used for flood control and military fortifications, designed by a British company in the late 1980s and consisting of a collapsible wire mesh container with a heavy duty fabric liner.

They're nice pieces of resin kit from Gamecraft Miniatures, a few of the pieces don't have detail on one side but that's my only quibble with them, I've included a 15mm Peter Pig AK47 to show some scale and some real Hesco barrier pictures to give you an idea of what they are for those who've never heard of them.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Angry Lurker Honest Movie Review 97: Oblivion 2013 (4 STARS).

"It depends on how you feel about Tom Cruise?"

A gun drone engineer on what remains of Earth after the war maintains the machines whilst battling the remaining invaders and dreams of another time but the discovery of a spacecraft brings everything he thought he knew into question.

I don't mind Cruise in a movie and he's good in this but his role could easily be played by another, maybe younger actor, this movie is about the visuals and the story, the director Joseph Kosinski (he previously did Tron which I wasn't that keen on and he's set to do the Tron sequel I believe) but here it's a stunning visual treat with a quite interesting story which I won't give too much away, it needs to be seen on the big screen to really appreciate it. It does have a few flaws and it does take some of the story from other sci-fi epics but as I said it is visually amazing, great effects and a good ending but also the music score is very effective with creating the visual landscape of a ruined Earth.....and the gun drones are fecking awesome.

Well worth your time depending on your Cruise phobia!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

15mm Khurasan Light Crawler for your guys in Parkas.

Picked up these a while back from Khurasan as transport for my armed men in Parkas from Khurasan, they needed something for those frozen wastelands or hostile moons, they are nice kits and take the paint very easily.

Monday, 22 April 2013

A Knackered Reject at Salute Part 2 of 2.............

.......the burning retinas phase of the day and some small purchases!

I must admit the day became a blur, I picked up most of the stuff on my list quite early, Ironclad Miniatures Steam Tanks, GZG new stuff, Sprays, Paint, Flock, Antenocitis Workshop (not planned or budgeted), Fireforge Plastics, Warbases, a few figures from Hasslefree and Peter Pig....I think.

I had a list and still came away forgetting to get something!!!!!!

I went to one trader for 2 small packs of new figures quite early but they didn't have many cast as they didn't think they'd be popular (wouldn't even offer to post them on), they never heard of the internet?

Ray even found the ACW Fremantle figure I've been looking for...and paid for it!!!!!

A good show still despite what I've heard from some quarters (bad acoustics?????), a hot muggy show, the layout fecked me over once or twice and I could be seen looking in the map guide for a trader but then I was knackered, the games whether participation or demonstration are great but I go to show for figure, stock and scenery buying, I take pictures for my blog and others to see who couldn't make it but primarily for traders.

Who doesn't like to look at a figure in the flesh before buying it?

Started a small list that night of stuff I still need!

Next year we're thinking of going to different shows especially like Triples or Partizan!

Some more pictures from great looking games..........

Some of the bloggers at the meet up, who is that handsome chap at the back?

30 Seconds to Dog Green from the Abingdon Wargames Club.

Oshiro ModelTerrain and Red Planet Miniatures "The Siege of New Victoria"

Some figures for competition in the display cases.......

This figure reminded me of the welcome some gamers may recieve and I called it "Bag Check".

This is the game from the South London Warlords "Hammering Route 66"

"To Berlin" from the Chemins De Feu Club.

"Stalingrad 1942, The Rat War" from Arbuthnot's Terra Firma League of Gentlemen

.....and Vader and his boys!