Friday, 31 December 2010

28mm Painted Hasslefree Elvis Impersonator.

...........Elvis has left the building.

Happy New Years Eve.

Leaving Las Vegas.

3000 Miles to Graceland.

L to R, 28mm Foundry and Copplestone figures.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

28mm Painted Copplestone Castings Evil Geniuses.

Bought these at the same time I bought the not Predators from Copplestone Castings, don't know if all of them can be used especially the robot but nice figures.The guy in the middle could be North Korean for the invasion of the USA like in the upcoming game Homefront, the robot would be Weird WW2 and the cigar chomper could be for most modern periods. Mr.Bond I expect you to die.

L to R, 28mm Foundry and 28mm Copplestone???? as a comparison in sizes

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Inspiring Picture 12: Opinions

.............sometimes its best to keep them to yourself.

On a sadder note I am in work again today on overtime with Ray from and he is full of opinions which are all wrong because they do not agree with mine.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Updated: Any idea who makes these figures?

I posted a while ago about some figures I had seen on ebay and found something similar on a Japanese site, now the debate here and on The Miniatures Page was how many you got for the money (1 or 24?), so I emailed them and found out you got 24 1:35 scale painted battle suits for 3,000 yen and 992 yen postage (£31.96 at the time), placed the order and received them in 4 days!

So I took a few comparison pictures so you get an idea of scale and a link

Pictures as terrible as usual.

The box itself, had already opened it.

24 little boxes of delight.

L to R, 28mm Copplestone Castings and 28mm Black Scorpion Miniatures.

Will need to base them and repaint them, will probably not use them all.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Thursday, 23 December 2010

28mm Painted Tengu Models Son of Yog-Sothoth Comparison Pictures

I got this model (Son of Yog-Sothoth, Cthulhu) from Tengu Models mainly because I liked the casting and will use it like a T-Virus generated zombie tank but maybe harder to kill? The model looked difficult to build because they recommend pinning and drilling for the tentacles (which I didn't do, I used green stuff, superglue and anger). I have posted some 28mm miniatures with it to give you an idea of scale, I will probably gloss this just to show ooze and try some drip technique on the tentacles, really nice model with very little cleaning required..

Pictures are as poor as ever.

From L to R, 28mm Paul Hicks not The Devils Rejects figure and a 28mm Foundry Detective figure.

Rear of figure.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Soapy's 25/28mm Sci-Fi Deck Officers Comparison Pictures.

These figures are from Soapy's sci-fi range from The Woodbine Design Company who are part of Gripping Beast and wanted to give people an idea of scale or that such figures exist.To me they are a little slight but I will probably still use them, here is a link

L to R, 28mm Black Scorpion, Wargames Foundry and Hasslefree.

They will gain a bit of height when based like the others.

Cars behind are 28mm Ainsty from Old Crow Models.

Monday, 20 December 2010

200 followers.........thanks very much.

Still dying from man flu but now at work dying with man flu (have been segregated to reception and ignored as unclean). But I now have 200 followers and a very big thanks to everyone especially the ones who comment and read, I know some of them are friends who I nagged to follow but I have recently been following and been followed by blogs outside of the wargaming genre and I have found lots of gems and enjoy these blogs a lot.I follow everybody who follows me and always respond to peoples questions in the comments and keep track of them on my blog list when they update(sometimes with the frequency you miss something but I try to read all and leave a comment if I can).Yet again thank you.

Calvin and Hobbes on the left appreciating the weather better than me, this cartoon strip along with Bloom County are my favourites of all time.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Between the bloody weather and the man flu.

Between the bloody weather here in Kent, England and having one of the greatest threats to men (man-flu) this weekend has gone to hell in a hand basket.I was walking down the snow covered paving slabbed garden when I trod on a hidden present under the snow from one or all of the 2 dogs, 5 ducks or 2 chickens my other half owns and reside in the garden and did some sort of move the chinese gymnast or russian ice skating team couldn't have done or wanted to, I believe I pulled something and not in a good way and this combined with the horrors of man flu which saw me pebbledash my shed(among other areas) and a majority of figures with snot and mucus in a sneezing fit(s)(cricket score figures) that has me contemplating contacting the Guinness Book of records people.I hate the snow and christmas is giving me the arse aswell.Baaaaaaaaaaah Humbug.The picture represents my other half's reaction.

This helpful link was found on and hopefully will other sufferer's.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Inspiring Picture 11: Expendability.

Dedicated to all those guys and girls who you have never seen before or heard of as they join the team/squad in you favourite sci-fi/cop series or unknown friend of smiling star of slasher/gore porn movie who gets it first(usually really badly).The people who take the hit meant for the hero or go outside in the dark to check the strange noise as you shout at them not to be silly and stay in the light.Without them the hero/heroine would not look good when they avenge them at the end of said episode or movie.'s to the Expendables!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

28mm Painted Hasslefree Miniatures Survivors: Grandparents and Grandson.

Any period I do I focus on the extras maybe even more than the actual figures required like civilians and scenery(traffic cones, vending machines, mattresses etc....) , these are the figures that just stand there weaponless (when I did WSS I had 80+ civilians of which half were just eye candy) but thats it I love eye candy for any period of wargaming or roleplaying and for my survivor modern figures I have a lot of figures from different ranges that just stand there and look helpless.

These figures from hasslefree are excellent and the grandparents are from their villagers range and are listed as old man and old woman but look perfect as modern grandparents/elderly people plus the grandson who is listed as Parker on the website under adventures is a perfect figure to compliment them, they see him as a doting grandson but really he is a machete weilding killing machine who got his skills watching TV and playing video games.I stuck in a few figures for size comparison and yes they are small but they work perfectly for what they represent.

L to R 28mm Black Scorpion and 28mm Copplestone.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

My 28mm Painted Modern Zombie Horde.

Putting on a zombie game at the end of December/Early January for the boys from Posties Rejects, now some of the boys are a bit hesitant for anything beyond WW2 especially if its already dead but at my games I cook(pasta dish with beef, mushrooms, onions, cream, parmesan, white wine) and it convinces them its in their best interest to be supportive.So I gathered my zombies together and took a picture and you see the pictures of the 87 or possibly 88( I forgot the exact number).I have 8 more ragers from west wind but I am not happy with them and may replace them with mantic ghouls I have somewhere, I have 1 or 2 more on order( zombie surfer from hasslefree) so I will probably reach 100 but I do not think much more as you can return casualties to the table and some of the great meglomaniacs like whose zombie number last stood at 525+ are an inspiration but well out of my league.

The horde is made up of studio miniatures (excellent), cold war miniatures (excellent), tengu (very good), wargames factory (ok), Four A miniatures(very good), Helldorado (very good), forget where the dogs come from though.

I use Akula's AR:SE rules, quick play, bloody and fit on 2 A4 pages.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Angry Movie Lurker Review 15: SKYLINE.(3 STARS)

I saw this recently even with the majority of people not liking it according to other blogs and websites but I am a sucker for an alien invasion movie.The actors in the movie were not really known to me other than knowing them from the TV, Donald Faison (Turk from Scrubs), David Zayas (Angel Batista from Dexter), Scottie Thompson( Tonys girlfriend in NCIS for 16 episodes) but the actors in general are OK but the star are the aliens and the CGI, the aliens are a cross between the matrix sentinels and George Lucas beasts in varying sizes, there are motherships and there are more brains on view here than a good zombie movie.The attack on the mothership by predators and stealth bombers is a highlight,there are F-22 raptors,some ground troops and helicopters as the military fights back but the aliens have a trick up their sleeve and as I said human brains play a lot in this movie.The ending leaves itself open for a sequel but also is the weakest point but only because it irritated me as I felt it was silly.This movie is worth a watch and I would watch it again on DVD but with some fast forwarding but it is a CGI movie and quite good at it.

Review guide for rating at bottom of blog.

Also a link to my new movie blog

Monday, 13 December 2010

15mm Napoleonic Game Report: Freisadt 1809 French vs Austrian(Picture Heavy).

Posties Rejects met up on Sunday for a 15mm napoleonic french vs austrian game using General de Brigade with house rule changes.There were 6 of us John, Ian, Lee, Richard, Surjit and myself and the umpire Postie of course,there were 6 divisions present with 3 per side with virtually identical forces per side for a meeting engagement that was fictitious but could have happened.

The French:
John:1st Division(French):1st Brigade,3 battalions of the 36th line and 1 battalion of the 30th line.2nd Brigade,1 battalion of the 27th and 3 battalions if the 10th leger(elite).3rd Brigade,1st and 5th regiments of cuirassiers(elite).1 heavy and 1 medium batteries of artillery.
Richard:2nd Division(Saxon):4th Brigade,2 battalions of Prinz Max,1 battalion of Prinz Anton and 1 battalion of light infantry(elite).5th Brigade,3 battalions of grenadiers(elite),1 battalion guard(elite).6th Brigade,1 regiment each of Albrecht chevau-leger and 1st Hussars.1 heavy and 1 light batteries of artillery.
Ian:3rd Division(Bavarian):7th Brigade,2 battalions of Kronprinz and 2 battalions of Prinz Carl infantry.8th Brigade,2 battalions of Herzog Wilhelm and 1 battalion of Herzog Pivs infantry and 1 battalion of light infantry(elite).9th Brigade,1 regiment each of the 1st and 6th chevau-leger.1 medium gun battery.

The Austrians:
Surjit:1st Division:1st Brigade,4 battalions of German grenadiers(elite).2nd Brigade,4 battalions of Hungarian grenadiers(elite).3rd Brigade,1st and 2nd regiments cuirassiers(elite).1 heavy and 1 light batteries of artillery.
Lee:2nd Division:4th Brigade,2 battalions each of the german 24th and 14th line.5th Brigade,3 battalions of the 34th hungarian line and 1 battalion of jagers(elite).6th Brigade,1 regiment each of the 3rd and 4th Hussars(elite).1 heavy and 1 light battery of artillery.
Me:3rd Division:7th Brigade,2 battalions each of the 8th and 18th German line.8th Brigade,3 battalions of the 61st Hungarian line and 1 battalion of jagers(elite).9th Brigade,1 regiment each of the 2nd and 4th chevau-leger,1 light battery of artillery.

This was a meeting engagement and it became a hard fought slog with cavalry regiments killed to a man and even cavalry brigades being wiped out,4 brigade commanders died and a divisional commander went into the void aswell and as you will see with the pictures it came down to the wire 16-15 to the Austrians.Good game over 6 turns.

Initial set up with the french on the left.

Austrian 3rd Division (my boys).

First initial push forward with the Austrian 1st Division in the lead in the center.

2nd Austrian Division about to clash with the 2nd Bavarian Division.

A view from the Austrian troops (4 batteries of artillery awaiting targets on yonder hilltop).

The slog on our left(Austrian) flank with bavarian cavalry in full retreat,they would later rout when they failed their morale.

The cavalry (austrian and saxon) clash on the right flank,brigade and divisional commanders attached.

One of the Saxon regiments in full retreat with me in pursuit and one of mine pushed back with heavy losses and the Saxons then hit one of my infantry battalions and pushed it back with heavy losses.

Lunchtime for Surjit, Lee and John. 

I got round the Saxon flank and 1 inch less this column would have not gotten into square,I won but did not break it.

A view from my side of cavalry versus square..

A view from the Bavarians on their right flank,this stalemated until the end with nobody getting the upper hand.

An along the line view of the slog from the french point of view.

Saxon and Austrian skirmishers clashing.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and apologies for any mistakes that I made in naming units as I was reading Posties handwriting (shocking).

Sunday, 12 December 2010

25,000+ hits.......thanks very much.

Not much of an update but I was out all day wargaming with the lads and have just got in but have to say thanks for all the hits I really appreciate them for my little blog,to the followers and the lurkers,I like most bloggers don't comment on every blog I follow but I do read them all throughout their posts.Thanks again I do really appreciate it(sorry I am going on a bit) and followers are always welcome.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

The Walking Dead Episode 6: ..............good ending?

Episode 6 came to an end last night but was this episode made before the news of a second season came out or made with the hope of a second season because right up until the end it was its usual depressing self with the group having a brief moment of happiness believing they were safe,access to food and alcohol,hot water and maybe a cure or an answer to the plague.All they got was bad news,hangovers,an explanation of the plague and no cure as of yet,Shane being a killjoy and making a move on Lori, the facility turning into a crematorium,Dr.Jenner whispering something to Rick and elaborating the plague had gone worldwide.Not all the group escapes or wants to and even then some had to be blackmailed to leave.
What I am saying if there was no second season  then this wasn't such a good ending but maybe thats just me.
The Walking Dead poster I have here seemingly is referencing the characters in the Walking Dead to the Lost characters which I have never watched...yet.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Any idea who makes these figures?

Missed out on ebay winning these figures which were listed as 25mm battlesuits, the seller did not know who made them either but had put a WH40K painted cadian head in one, does anybody have an idea on manufacturer as I would like some for my Neo-US forces.Thanks.

Anyway the last episode of the current series of The Walking Dead tonight and a meeting of Posties Rejects this Sunday for a 15mm napoleonic game between french and austrian forces(I will end up with the dross as usual,neapolitan forces anyone!).
Postie is a great umpire but a git.