Tuesday, 31 May 2011

WW2 German Pegasus Hobbies 1:72 Scale Pz-38T Light Tanks.

Back at work today and trying to catch up with peoples blogs, still feel a little fecked but life cracks on, made a few of these plastic beauties recently and will add paint to them soon, a good price and a joy to make even for those of us who have hands like oversized shovels.

The Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) was originally a Czech tank of pre-World War IIdesign. After Czechoslovakia was taken over by Germany, it was adopted by the German Army, seeing service in the invasions of Poland and Russia. Production ended in 1942, when its armament was deemed inadequate. In all, over 1400 were manufactured. The chassis continued to be produced for Hetzer and Marder III tank destroyers, turretless assault guns, anti-tank guns and anti-aircraft guns.
The (t) stands for tschechisch, the German word for Czech; the Czechoslovak military designation was LT vz 38. Manufacturer's designations included TNH seriesTNHPSLTP and LTH). The special vehicle designation for the tank in Germany was Sd.Kfz. 140.

Platoon or Zug of Pz-38 (t)'s, the only problem I had was the hooky things in front at the bottom (brain not working now).

20mm Lamercraft commander to show command tank.

20mm SHQ and Lamercraft figures to show scale.

Original in action. 

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Quick Update.

Ill, Vomiting, Arse Gravy, John Hurt scene in Alien type pain, apologies,back soon, possible assasination attempt by SWMBO, later's and no need to leave a comment.

Friday, 27 May 2011


Yesterday got away from me, an area manager and a site manager down to visit site for seven and a half hours, tested my patience and small talk skills.

 I visited a blog that lost it's Google adsense recently and the owner said if it didn't come back the blog would no longer be posting because it wasn't worth it, I don't place any adds on my blog but that's just me, I don't have a problem with it on other blogs, I blog for enjoyment, relaxation and a mild form of anger therapy. This brings me to my point of blog following, I always comment on anybody who comments on my blog or visit them again if they haven't posted recently, I then visit my favourite blogs regardless of whether they visit me or not and then I hit my blogroll which is made up of over 300 favourites,visitors and commenter's blogs. And finally my point, please read or comment on peoples blogs if you follow them or try to read and follow more, I do and it's opened the world up to myself who hasn't seen a lot of it and even made a few new friends and that's saying something. Rant over.

Appreciate the 92 comments on my last post (3 or 4 where mine but damn!).

Like to mention a few blogs that deserve more followers or readers;

 http://backtotheminis.blogspot.com/ Good miniature blog.

http://bigmike-smokeout.blogspot.com/   Good non smoking blog.

http://zerloon.blogspot.com/ Good Italian miniature blog.

http://lazydistraction.blogspot.com/ Good German miniature blog (run by Oli).

http://christopher-bunkerhill.blogspot.com/ Good miniature blog, very good.

http://gnotta.blogspot.com/ Good Italian miniature blog.

If I've forgotten you or not already mentioned you before let me know, do this a lot so you'll probably get mentioned anyway and I don't charge anything.

Please make sure when you follow a blog that there's a link to your blog as some of my followers I have never been able to follow their blogs back (not everybody has a blog I know).

Got a game this weekend with the Rejects (will post pictures next week), it's also a 3 day weekend here and you people who read or comment have yourselves a damn good weekend.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

28mm Sengoku Samurai Game Pictures and Eye Candy.

Asked by some people to show my samurai collection, so I put up a few pictures and will probably use this as a game setting for The Rejects to have a game with a few changes. The game is loosely based on Japan expelling Christian clergy from it's shores due to secret and not so secret plots and plans of the missionaries.

Missionaries were not reluctant to take military action if they considered it an effective way to Christianize Japan. They often associated military action against Japan with the conquest of China. They thought that well-trained Japanese soldiers who had experienced long civil wars would help their countries conquer China. For example, Alessandro Valignano said to the Philippine Governor that it was impossible to conquer Japan because the Japanese were very brave and always received military training but that Japan would benefit them when they would conquer China. Francisco Cabral also reported to the King of Spain that priests were able to send to China two or three thousand Japanese Christian soldiers who were brave and were expected to serve the king with little pay.
The Jesuits provided various kinds of support including military support to Kirishitan (Roman Catholic Christians) daimyo when they were threatened by non-Kirishitan daimyo. Most notable was their support of Omura Sumitada and Arima Harunobu, who fought against the anti-Catholic Ryuzoji clan. In the 1580s, Valignano believed in the effectiveness of military action and fortified Nagasaki and Mogi. In 1585,Gaspar Coelho asked the Spanish Philippines to send a fleet but the plan was rejected due to the shortness of its military capability. Christians Protasio Arima and Paulo Okamoto were named as principals in an assassination plot to murder the magistrate in charge of the Shogunate's most important port city of Nagasaki.
More can be read here.


Below are pictures of the collection but not all, still more samurai and ashigaru to be deployed plus the Ikko Ikki forces and of course 50 or 60 ninja (did a game once of Oda Nobunaga attack on the Iga Province, needed a lot of ninja for that).Any questions just leave a comment and I will try and answer it.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

20mm WW2 Painted Early War British Infantry/Home Guard 1:72 scale.

Forgot to bring the camera home yesterday so a bit of a delay on samurai game pictures but until then some 20mm WW2 British infantry/home guard from SGTS' Mess, they come in a pack of ten, not the greatest of sculpts (needed a lot of cleaning, an awful lot), didn't come with an integral base which I don't like but some companies are doing this now? They didn't turn out too badly and will help to stem the tide of the German invasion.

Picture of the Redbrook Home Guard from the time.

Monday, 23 May 2011

600 followers and Samurai Display Game Teaser Picture.

The weekend really got away from me, between SWMBO's obsession with chicken, duck and turkey rearing (mostly for eggs and breeding) and some sick newborns, picture me sitting in the chair for hours with a chicken inside my sweatshirt struggling to get out of it's shell and live (the previous one had died in it's shell but another two got out), in between all this I nearly have set up the table with a samurai display game and got to take a picture quite late last night to whet the appetite. The chicken made it by the way. What we do for love!

Thanks for following, reading and commenting, I really appreciate it or as the Irish would say "Go raibh maith agat".

Ronin exit the castle to meet the ashigaru head on..........

Friday, 20 May 2011

Inspiring Picture 22: Distractions.

.....doesn't affect wargame...wargamer..warwhat.....what was I saying?

Have a good weekend people.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

SS-GB by Len Deighton, What If? Operation Sealion Ideas.

Currently painting some more 20mm WW2 British home guard and British dismounted tank crew for the game along with making some plastic Pegasus Hobbies German Pz 38(T) light tanks (one of the easiest kits to put together I've ever come across but still with good detail).

Have just finished reading SS-GB by Len Deighton and I must say it was really an enjoyable read detailing a murder investigation in German occupied Britain during the second world war, most people have probably read this book or heard about it at some stage, it doesn't say much about the invasion itself but there is ongoing fighting in the north and resistance elsewhere but German law prevails with British residents still in their positions especially in the police and a murder investigation sets the ball rolling in a quite intriguing plot involving the SS versus the German army, traitors, resistance, scientists, exhumation of Karl Marx, the king of England, Americans etc........ A more detailed and revealing summary can be found here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SS-GB but the book is better even than Fatherland by Robert Harris.

Do us a favour and have a read of this bloggers blog http://wwiaviation.blogspot.com/ , a damn good blog with good information and a lot of work goes into it and deserves more readers and followers, maybe not a topic everyone is familiar with but that's what blogging is about.

Good book, well worth a read.

Currently reading this which is supposed to detail actual accounts of the botched invasion of Great Britain, defences put in place etc........

Currently reading this aswell and watching the TV series which is great, I have only quibble which is the amount of nudity (good and bad) in the TV series is not in the book so far!!!!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My 28mm Painted Portuguese Conquistador Artillery.

My 28mm Portuguese artillery and crews from the Wargames Foundry Elizabethan range for their time in Japan around the 1550-1600 period. Have kept the artillery piece separate because pieces were sold to the Japanese (before they started making their own) and I then add a samurai/ashigaru crew.

In all fairness I believe the Portuguese called themselves Discoverers rather than conquistadors.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

20mm Painted WW2 Nun and Monks or Fifth Columnists/Spies.

20mm nun and monks from Sgts Mess for my ongoing Operation Sealion project, can be exactly what they are or possibly spies or fifth columnists?

fifth column or columnist is a group of people or person who clandestinely undermine a larger group such as a nation from within.

The term originated with a 1936 radio address by Emilio Mola, a Nationalist General during the 1936–39 Spanish Civil War. As his army approached Madrid, a message was broadcast that the four columns of his forces outside the city would be supported by a "fifth column" of his supporters inside the city, intent on undermining the Republican government from within (see Siege of Madrid).[1] The term was used as the title of Ernest Hemingway's only play, which he wrote while the city was being bombarded; the play was published in 1938 in his book The Fifth Column and the First Forty-Nine Stories.[2]
In fact, this supposed "fifth column" did not prove very effective, as demonstrated by the fact that Madrid held out until 1939 despite very heavy fighting. Nevertheless, the term caught on and was used extensively, especially by those fighting the Fascists and Nazis.
The term was in wide use in Britain in the early stages of the Second World War where the fear of the fifth Column was used as justification for the mass internment, on the Isle of Man, of German nationals who resided in the United Kingdom. The United States and Canada interned U.S. and Canadian citizens of Japanese, German, and Italian descent around the same time (early 1940s), using similar justification.

Pictures have not turned out that great but there are size comparison pictures..

L to R, Lamercraft, Grubby Tanks, SHQ and Lamercraft again?