Sunday, 31 October 2010

Angry's Honest Movie Reviews 3: Jonah Hex

Saw this today with little knowledge other than it was a western with a scarred Josh Brolin in the lead with Megan Fox and John Malkovich as the bad guy.It seems to be set after the ACW with Hex as a bounty hunter formerly with the confederate army(portrayed as a bit of a git) who witnessed his familys death at the hands of Turnbull(Malkovich) and is branded by Turnbull and left for dead, he is healed by Indians and develops an ability to talk to the dead(I know I thought the same thing) but without giving too much away the movie is a revenge trip but also a mission to save the country from Turnbull and his secret weapon(not that big a secret).Megan Fox plays a hooker with a heart of stone(except for Jonah),the action scenes are over the top,a lot of cliches(including Turnbulls right hand bad man being an Irishman and an incredible over the top performance aside but the main point being the Irish are always the good guys and never ginger) but there is a lot of action and a good bodycount and Megan Fox is in it!

I give the movie 3 STARS as it wasn't that bad and it fulfilled the 3 STAR rule(guide at bottom of page) but maybe it was the humour I was in at the time. I have never read the comics and I believe that may have helped the scoring.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Wargaming models, what's acceptable?

Spent part of the day making this 15mm VTOL model I bought from GZG games at the SELWG 2010 show, it was an impulse buy and I am or was going to use it with my 28mm terminators as a hunter killer gunship variant, so I bought one with the idea if it looked alright with the 28mm stuff I already have I would get more.So far so good.

It was a terrible model to make, heavy mold lines, lots of flash, parts of the model where the metal had not formed and a lot of holes where I do not think there should be anyway, which with application of green stuff and copious superglue I put it together and took a picture.One of the engine pieces developed metal fatigue and the plug that inserts into the body fell off which required green stuff.

There were no instructions(you do not always get them) so I used a picture from the website to use as a guide, there is no flying stand(you do not always get them) but that model in the picture appears to be in better condition than mine in my opinion.Now I am not the best model maker in the world but this has annoyed me and I will try and sort out the problems with it and probably still use it.What i am trying to say is am I too fussy and would you accept bad quality in any model you purchased.

Do you have a better horror story about something like this and what you are willing to put up with?

Friday, 29 October 2010

Angry's Honest Movie Reviews 2: The Good,The Bad and the Weird.

The Good,The Bad and the Weird came out in 2008 and is set in 1930's Manchuria and tells the story of a hunt for a treasure map(buried Qing dynasty riches) and the three main characters involvement in locating it, The Good(bounty hunter), The Bad(bandit and hitman) and the Weird(thief), involved aswell are a multitude of other characters including a large pursuing group of Manchurian Bandits and the Japanese army.This is one hell of a movie and try to watch the Korean version as the ending is better, it has a great soundtrack, good bodycount, insane action set pieces and hopefully when I say to people now have you seen the film they will go yes and it was bloody brilliant.

This is a 4 STAR movie(movie ranking guide on the blog) and have a glimpse at the UK trailer to wet your appetite.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

10,000 Hits, thanks very much.

Thanks very much and really appreciated and it also reminds me of one of my favourite exchanges between Tommy Cooper(comedian) and Sir Henry Cooper(boxer) on a TV show.

Tommy: "I come from a long line of boxers."
Henry Cooper: "Yeh."
Tommy: "Except my father.........he's a cocker spaniel. Do you know I was in the
ring once with Cassius Clay."
Henry Cooper: "Go on."
Tommy: "No really on my life I was. I got him worried. I did...he thought he'd
killed me."

Thanks again and keep hitting.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Useful signs for Modern, Apocalypse and Zombie Gaming 1.

Some signs that may be of use to you in your modern or zombie games(you probably have all or most of them but they may help some), just crop or resize to fit.I have resized my own for 28mm approx and if you want them posted let me know.

Monday, 25 October 2010

15mm ACW Game Pictures and Postie's Reject's.(Picture Heavy)

The gang met up at the weekend for a 15mm ACW game using the Fire and Fury rule system(which should be called the 1 and fury rules as I threw so many of them but these rules do kill you on the dice).The whole group was there except for Dave and we had a new member Lee from ,the game was a hard fought slog with nobody getting the decisive upper hand and in the end it turned into a minor victory for the union which meant for me being on the confederate side was a loss(did I mention I hate fire and fury rules,if you are not rolling a 1, when you roll a 9 or 10 your opponent does aswell).

But this is not the main reason for wargaming at the weekend or when you get a chance and everybody gets together, its the the banter, slagging, laughter(everybody), weirdness(Ray,see picture) shouting, crying(Ian), lunacy(Lee) and plain old fashioned fun.

Hopefully you will enjoy the pictures below as just eye candy and a guide to Postie's Rejects(we sort of decided on this name but I don't know?)
Postie's Rejects minus Dave and me behind the camera, L to R sitting, Ian, Ray, Lee and Richard, L to R standing, Surjit, John, Smithy, Postie.

The set up Postie has and game.

Smithy under pressure from John's union forces on the left flank.

My slog with Richards union forces in the centre.

Lee and his disregard for his union troops and confederate canister fire on the right flank(his first time playing these rules).LOL

Ian and Ray's slog in the middle of the field.

Confederates on the back foot temporarily.

A decision does not go Ian's way.

The others distance themselves from Ian.

Ray's weirdness, yes that is a tomato.

Smithy showing some joy at a dice finally going his way.

Ray and Postie???

The winners(smug gits).

Sunday, 24 October 2010

How long is too long for an order to turn up?

Finally received an order that i placed online 59 days ago or just over 8 weeks in old money, everything was in order and lovely as usual but I had sent 3 emails in this time and had an answer to only one but it does state on the website that things are taking longer than usual and an the email said things were very busy(good for him and keeps him in business so I and others can buy his product).I also got 2 free items that I can actually use but does that mean they are admitting that it was too long or just something extra for the customer(I have never received extra off them before).

I am probably overreacting but when somebody takes your money for something they should update you on any longer than normal delays and respond to your enquiries, I just think that way and this episode has probably stopped me(maybe) from ordering again from this company, what do you consider too long and have you had similar experiences.

One company I ordered off several years ago never responded to emails and kept my money for over 6 months until I met them at a show and got my money back after a very brief discussion.

Saturday, 23 October 2010

First Empire: My 15 minutes of Wargaming Fame????

My friend Ray from did a report of a 15mm napoleonic wargame with pictures that was mentioned here and on his blog, then the owner of First Empire asked to use the post in his magazine and hey presto here we are in the latest issue with the article and I am in 2 pictures(well technically 3 if you count a picture of my hands) and the owner of a free copy of a magazine I had only heard of and unlike Ray I do not charge for autographs.

On a lighter note The Group with No Name met up today and had a 15mm ACW wargame using Fire and Fury Rules(now named 1 and Fury rules,I hate them) and I was on the losing confederate side with Ray and will post some eye candy pics from the game on Monday and some of the members of "Posties Rejects" The Group with No Name new name???? 

Friday, 22 October 2010

Zombies: A Hunter's Guide by Osprey Publishing.

Picked this up at SELWG last week and I have been looking forward to its release for a very long time and paid the £10.99 asking price.I have read a lot of books on zombies and watched a lot of movies with zombies in them and the different types of zombies(fast or slow usually) but this book describes a lot of other zombies from necromantic,voodoo and nazi zombies to atomic and viral zombies(there are more described),why some zombies eat flesh and why they do and others that just want to infect.It deals with how to identify the type of zombie you are dealing with and how to dispatch it or them(which with some types described is not easy), and zombie hunters weapons, equipment and tactics.

The book is hugely entertaining with a lot of stuff that will have you hitting the google link on your computer(I know I did) .There are mentions of Gettysburg, the LA Bust Out, Mexican drug battles, Ark of the Covenant and Operation Eklipse,Fight Clubs and numerous others.

The book is 80 pages, a lot of nice artwork and well put together and I have no problem recommending this book even if you only have a slight interest in zombies of any type, it does contradict other things I have read but I like that and this would be perfect for any gamers or to put in your zombie survival kit if the time comes and going by this book it may be sooner than you think.

I hope this brief review helps and that you get this book because  I do not think you will be disappointed

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

28mm EM4 Miniatures Thugz Range Comparison Pictures.

Picked up the full range of the 28mm Thugz from EM4 miniatures at the SELWG show on Sunday and have just posted some size comparison pictures with a 28mm Pig Iron miniature on the left and a 28mm Empress Miniature on the right.The figures are great and full of character and very little flash or mold lines, highly recommended and there are painted versions on the website of EM4.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Man Caves, Sheds and Desks.

Was on the WD3 forum and there was a post about gaming tables and where they are and rooms to wargame in and I am lucky to have a Man Cave myself (definition:Somewhere to hide from the SWMBO and play) and some of my friends have better and some do not( you know who you are Ray), my one is 100ft from the house and approx 16ft by 14ft and you can usually see someone coming and be prepared to defend what you are doing or lock the door, below are some pictures of mine and the place could really do with a tidy but probably won't because it is not a cave if its neat and tidy.

I paint sometimes here but do a lot of my painting in the house but do sanding, basing and spraying down here, what sort of set ups do other people have?

Monday, 18 October 2010

SELWG 2010

Arrived at SELWG around 0950hrs with the boyos to end up at the back of a very long queue which a couple of minutes later started moving and we were in.Seemed to be pretty much the same traders as last year and we all split up and went our seperate ways, did not have much funds with me but picked up some thugz and terminators from EM4 miniatures,some cheap black spray(£5 a tin for GW black),spray varnish, the new zombie book from Osprey and a 15mm VTOL and bots from GZG and the new wargames illustrated.Even if I had a lot more funds I do not think there was much more I would have bought.

Wandered around and heard some traders talking to each other about how poor business was even with orders they receive online, I did think the show was not as busy as last year and could have done with a few different traders but this is just my opinion.

Myself and Ray met Lee from while he was taking pictures of a game for his blog and this is why we did not take that  many pictures and recommend you go to his site and view some great pictures when he has them up in a couple of days, Lee is a thoroughly nice guy and we have put on a game this saturday and invited him to come down for a 15mm ACW game.All in all it was a good day and I have to mention that Postie our umpire for all games and ringleader paid for us in and bought us a McDonalds on the way home(I think we are his surrogate kids).A couple of pictures below for your viewing pleasure.
A view from one end of the hall with Ray laughing like a hyena.

A view from the other end of the hall.

Members of "The Group with No Name",Ray, myself, Postie and Richard.

A tale of 3 bloggers, Lee, Ray and me.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Inspiring Picture 5: Zombies and Update.

Tried all day to upload some 28mm modern and zombie posters and signs for interior and exterior scenery but even with outside help from the forums I could not get it done, trying to download a word document on to the blog and it will just not happen but I will try again on Monday because tomorrow I am at SELWG with the boyos and hope to have a damn good day, if you are going yourself have a good one, I am even going to try and take a couple of pictures probably like a 1000 other bloggers(you will not see anything for all the flash photography and chlorine).

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Zombietown USA : 28mm Zombie Action Pictures.(Picture Heavy)

Aerial veiw of town.

The mayor and flunkies negotiating with the national guard captain.

Zombies entering the town.

A zombie horde has appeared.

Another horde has appeared.

Negotiations continue.

Interested parties watch(see 28mm painted terminator thread for details of watchers.

Second line of defense starting to form.

Body bags starting to pile up.

Another view of command area, unaware of the dog threat approaching!

Command area and abandoned hospital.

Zombie dogs.

Something bad happening in the hospital?

Some action pictures from my Zombietown USA(still haven't named it yet) with my 28mm zombie collection of Zeds, Survivors, Police, SWAT, National Guard,Lowlifes and Gangers(not all the collection on the table).I use at the moment AKULA's(praise be to the AKULA) AR:SE rules as the template for the games.The city is an ongoing project with bits and pieces added when I find them or can afford them(thats why the table roads are dusty), hope you like and I hope to use the town for other modern periods or possible future war/apocalypse.

Any questions leave a comment.