Friday, 25 March 2016

15mm Modern Kurdish Peshmerga from.......

...Khurasan Miniatures.

Peshmerga are the military forces of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. Peshmerga means "one who confronts death" or "one who faces death"

They will be getting some armour and vehicles mostly looted from the end of the Iraq War 2003, so mostly Russian with some American as well!

Support weapons include a Sagger, mortar, DShK HMG plus a M40 recoiless rifle from Peter Pig!

Will we see 15mm versions of the feared and I mean feared female peshmerga units?

Thursday, 17 March 2016

15mm Modern Israeli Defence Forces IDF from....

.........Khurasan Miniatures.

15mm Modern Israelis wearing the mitznefet helmet cover (the purpose of the helmet cover is to break up the distinctive outline of a helmeted head and aid with camouflage). There is little known on the make up of a Israeli platoon but eventually after much searching and asking I settled on 3 squads of 12 made up of 4 fire teams each plus a platoon leader.

There were some normal helmeted figures but they didn't look right and their heads were quite small (in my opinion).

Khurasan promise some armor in the near future, QRF do some but I have had some bad experiences with their mold lines so I might wait!

They carry a mixture of M-16's, Tavors, Negev LMG's and Shipon anti tank weapons!

Will there be support weapons, forgot to ask!

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

15mm Painted Modern Australians, Bushmasters and Bricks.........

.........from Eureka Minis.

The modern Australian army has seen action in recent years in Iraq and Afghanistan. With peace keeping duties in East Timor, Bouganville, Sinai and the Solomon Islands

A brick is 4 personnel.

2 Bricks make a section.

3 sections make a platoon.

Nice models but the metal Bushmasters have a mold line on the back that would make a grown man cry!

The Bushmasters are based on a design from an Irish company.......... 

The rods/poles at the front are IED protection............

A couple of extra personnel for the platoon, includes EOD team, K-9 unit, mine detector, Carl Gustav team etc........

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

15mm Somali Pirates from Khurasan Miniatures..........,

.............15 Somali pirates from Khurasan Miniatures, all 15mm, will more than likely use these in my African Militia forces or I just need some speedboats..........

Many Somali pirates see themselves as good guys. And at one point, they were. After the government in Mogadishu collapsed in 1991, neighboring countries began illegally fishing in Somali waters. The first pirates were simply angry fishermen who boarded these foreign vessels and demanded a "fee." But as the illegal fishing persisted, some early pirates banded together and called themselves "coast guards." They claimed to be looking after Somalia's territorial integrity until the government could pull itself back together.

These weren't the only vigilantes on the scene, however. Other pirates made their debut robbing U.N. ships that were carrying food to refugee camps in Somalia. These bandits argued that if they hadn't taken the food, warlords would have seized it on land. And they had a good point. Warlords gobbled down at lot of Somalia's relief food during the 1990's.

But from these perhaps defensible beginnings, piracy spread farther from Somalia's shores and evolved into a multi-million-dollar enterprise. Today, pirates are blunt about their motives. In late 2008, after a band of pirates seized a Ukrainian freighter full of weapons and demanded $25 million for its release, Sugule Ali, a member of the pirate crew, told a reporter, "We only want the money."

By December 2013, the US Office of Naval Intelligence reported that only 9 vessels had been attacked during the year by the pirates, with zero successful hijackings.Control Risks attributed this 90% decline in pirate activity from the corresponding period in 2012 to the adoption of best management practices by vessel owners and crews, armed private security on board ships, a significant naval presence, and the development of onshore security forces.

In January 2014, the MV Marzooqah initially sent out a distress signal indicating that it was under attack by pirates in the Red Sea. However, the container vessel turned out instead to have been seized by Eritrean military units as it entered Eritrea's territorial waters.