Monday, 31 October 2011

I've been 20mm scale gardening this weekend.....

....and my sprouts (I love Brussels sprouts) have come up lovely.

Picked up these lovely 20mm scale painted gardening bases at SELWG for my WW2 table from and they will add some scenery to my table, I may base it up altogether and get more but we'll see. The figure is from SGTS Mess and shows the scale.

Garden shed by Hornby.

Pesky birds...get off my cabbages!

Friday, 28 October 2011

28mm Painted Clever Geezer from Killer B Games.

...lots of uses and periods he could be used for, found him and painted him up the other day, really nice miniature from Killer B Games.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer footage, I've had to be medicated....

....and it comes out on the 8th of November (pre-ordered) and figure painting production may suffer if it wasn't for the fact I have to go to work and do a little bit there.

I only play multiplayer on these game unless someone hacks them and there's no way of getting on for months (getting flashbacks). There are longer videos on Youtube if you need more.

Thanks to Tech 'n Tings  for the reminder.

We're going to get some, frag some, shoot some, blow up some....dammit I need my meds nurse!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Angry Movie Lurker Honest Review 54: Transformers 3 (4 STARS). it's 4 STARS if you like or can tolerate the franchise which I can even if Shia LeBeouf is in it or Megan Fox got the bullet from this one.

I'll be honest with you I held very little hope for this movie but it started with the What If? reason for the space race between the USSR and America and a Cybertronian spaceship (great opening battle on Cybertron) hidden on the dark side of the moon and footage of the astronauts searching the ship for technology and this information being held back from the Autobots.I won't ruin the plot as it's plain to see as you watch.
The Decepticons have human agents and and their own plans for the Cybertron and Earth, nearly everyone is back with a few new faces like Frances McDormand (not bad), John Malkovich (no idea why as his character is mad and not needed), Patrick Dempsey( misused as a bad guy) and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as the love interest (replaced Megan Fox after the Hitler quotes got her fired, she's very pretty and not as wooden as described but one scene had me cringing but I did mention she's very pretty).
There's plenty of eye candy, explosions, humour (an autobot called Roadbuster shouting the words "ya Nancy Wanker"), fighting, military ordnance, shouting, running and explosions.
It's a romp, John Turturro returns and is better than ever, Leonard Nimoy has an iconic voice, what can I say it was worth a watch just leave your brain at the door.
I must admit I like the Decepticons...they're evil and have such cool stuff.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

28mm Painted Survivor Sisters for Modern or Zombie Gaming.

Still painting miniatures for modern and zombie gaming as painting the same scale or period for a long period of time can make me weird(er) so I like to paint different things just for a change. The figures Billie and Rose are from Hasslefree Miniatures and I did take a lot of pictures but only 3 were usable (I do need a new camera or I was blinder that day than normal) but the scale picture with a 20mm miniature at least turned out.


Rose (weird child).

The miniature to the left is 20mm WW2. 

Monday, 24 October 2011

20mm WW2 Early French Infantry Platoon plus support.

Finished off my reduced/depleted WW2 early French infantry platoon that got stuck in England (I may add another squad later) plus some support elements for fighting during the What If? Operation Sealion operations.

The models are from the excellent Blitz Models range at Battlefield Miniatures

Vehicle or Tank riders.

Radio operator.

Hotchkiss HMG's.

Artillery crew, the British need to loan them an actual artillery piece.

French brass, only good for flirting with British women.

Friday, 21 October 2011

WW2 20mm Painted Bachmann Garage 00 scale.

One of the 00 scale buildings I got for my birthday last month, these are better than Hornby but a little more expensive, it's from the Bachmann Scenecraft 00 scale range but will fit in nicely in the English countryside.

A couple of pictures for scale purposes, figure is a 20mm from SGTS Mess.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

200,000 hits, some ladies, some blogs and....

....a BIG thank you!

Some controversy yesterday with my post, some people were a little unhappy with the content but I never set out to do that, the miniatures are made and you buy them primarily for scenery and sometimes because someone actually made them. Don't get me wrong I loved the comments and opinions because we're all different and some people are not into wargaming but take the time to comment and I appreciate that a lot, a damn lot.

I will warn people in future if there is anything like this because I've painted something last week in 20mm that I believe is quite grim but happened a lot in WW2 and a lot of other conflicts over the centuries but on to the ladies of cosplay , Google and some blogs you should visit.

Google is such an asset.


Not a clue but it says a certain something, found out her character name is Mileena.

Jessica Rabbit.

Steampunk or Malifaux?

Baconfat Log : Miniatures blog.

Anne's Attic : Weird, funny Irish girl blog.

Jay's Miniature Enterprises :Miniatures blog.

Sean's Wargame Corner : Miniatures blog

Laughing Ferret : Miniatures blog, running a competition and needs 3 more followers.

World War 20mm : Miniatures blog.

Will recommend some other blogs next week.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Painted 20mm WW2 Civilian Casualties of War.

The other grim side of war, casualties from aircraft or artillery fire or other causes.........., figures are from CP Models.

The middle piece is actually 3 bodies on top of each other!

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

20mm Painted WW2 Refugees finished.

Have finished the rest of the refugees for my WW2 period, can be used for any nation and for a lot of other modern 20th century periods I suppose as well.

Civilians were the losers in most wars.

Miniatures are from SGTS Mess and CP Models.

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Rejects at SELWG 2011. (Picture Heavy)

Five of the Rejects turned up for the SELWG show at Crystal Palace with good intentions but little money except for Postie who paid for us in, it was a good show ,seems to have been well attended and there seemed to be more traders. This show for me was a primarily stock show (paints, varnish, primer etc.......) stuff I hate buying but a necessary evil, picked up some 20mm Soviet WW2 plastic armour and some Waffen SS figures from Friend or Foe figures.

What follows are some pictures and a few words, never take enough pictures (and probably missed a lot but the show is for buying) but there was a lot of nice stuff out there.

Apologies if I put the wrong name with the wrong game or forgot the the name altogether.

The queue to get in, the child has seen Ray and is running away in terror.

Aerial view, the numbers were good I hope.

The bring and buy was well attended.

Some pictures from "Poland Fights" by the Shepway Wargames Club, lovely stuff.

...and the roofs come off.

Arbouthnots Aeronautical by the League of Gentlemen.

Very, very nice.

Operation Barras, Sierra Leone, 2000, forgot the club name (apologies) but I'm a sucker for helicopters and there stuff was lovely.

Loughton Strike Force, Budapest 1945, seen before but amazing and makes me drool and moist.

They've added a brothel and some ladies of negotiable virtue...

...and working flame effects.

GLC Games Club, Battle of Chickamauga....

A fellow rejects bag with lunch, drink, gloves and other strangeness, Biglee needs watching and Ray needs to stop wearing shorts.

Crush the Kaiser again but it's just such nice stuff.

...and the day ended under the golden arches when Postie bought us lunch, a good day out ended with a very happy meal.