Wednesday, 28 November 2018

More 15mm Villainy and Characters.....

............from various Sci-Fi sources!

Some more characters for scenery, story and sci-fi shenanigans......I'm thinking I need a magnifying light for painting, 15mm is getting smaller and very detailed!

Friday, 23 November 2018

Angry Lurker Honest Movie Review 102: Wind River 2017 (4 STARS)

"A fantastic movie with a story as bleak as the scenery" The Angry Lurker

Back doing these reasonably honest and short reviews again, a form of therapy and after a few requests, no rhyme or reason to whether it's the latest release or slightly older but my third love after the SWMBO and the wargaming hobby!

An experienced game ranger finds the frozen body native american woman on the Wind River reservation, the FBI send an inexperienced young agent, these will eventually team up to investigate the woman's death........

Excellent piece of cinema, great performances, a slow boil and an epic stand off scene along the way, grim, bleak but a decent ending....... 

Some trivia for you.......

 Jon Bernthal (The Punisher) lost four toenails filming the trailer scene.

It took 40 days for the shoot to complete.

Wind River Indian Reservation is the seventh-largest Indian reservation in the U.S.

The film is based on actual events.

Friday, 16 November 2018

15mm Sci-Fi Villains, Scum and Characters from......

....a hive of different companies!

As the sci-fi collection grows I have added alien characters for variety, scenery, objectives etc.....they are a mixture of Ion Age, Khurasan, Brigade Models and Critical Mass I believe?

More to come and apologies for the poor quality of pictures and there is a scale picture of sorts!

Friday, 9 November 2018

15mm Painted Utility Robots........

........from Khurasan Miniatures.

15mm sci-fi utility robots from Khurasan, scenery and something to hide behind, cute little feckers!

15mm figures from Khurasan and Rebel Minis to show some idea of scale.......