Wednesday, 28 September 2016

15mm Modern Heavy "Juggernaut" Tactical Hardsuits........

.......from Evil Bear Wargames.

Been off the internet for nearly seven weeks due to maniac tractor driver and his ability to dig through cables and fecking unhelpful internet providers but shit happens, anyway that's why I haven't been around any blogs for a while and cheers to the many people who checked up on me during the mini crisis!

The figures are resin and are quality sculpts, very crisp, the only niggle for me was the very steep postage from the UK to Ireland, I understand it's only one packet but more than a couple of 100% mark up is hard to bear and I understand that if I don't like it I shouldn't order but if we all thought like that where would the hobby be?

They're still nice figures...........

15mm Khurasan and Flytrap Factory for size comparison,