Sunday, 25 August 2019

150mm Jungle Predator from.....

.........Prodos Games!

6 inches in old money but still a bit of a beast from Prodos Games, bought by a mate in the their sale and then it arrived on my lap for a dodgy attempt at painting the beastie!

A difficult paint especially the netting and base but done and mate is delighted, 15mm figure to show scale of the bugger!

"This place makes Cambodia look like Kansas"

Friday, 9 August 2019

15mm Medieval Early Ambulance Service and some Artillery.........

.......from Peter Pig for some fantasy gaming!

Still adding to the good forces with some artillery and a medical unit, nice figures as usual from Peter Pig, still need to add cavalry and that should be it for the forces for good (well goodish...) and the god wills it lot!

Early medical unit, need to sort that base out.......

If you notice he has a siren in his left hand and painkiller in his right!

"God Wills It"