Monday, 28 February 2011

Cavalier Wargames Show 2011.

The reject's met up yesterday at Cavalier 2011 Wargames Show at Tonbridge Wells, it's a small show we go to every year and to me it's famous for it's bad yellow lighting in it's new venue and me wanting to leave after a short amount of time (half hour) but this year the lighting has been improved/changed and it greatly helped my staying power. Got some paint, pig iron miniatures, west wind WWW2 wolverines, a pack of copplestones partisans and a wargames illustrated. The show seemed to be well attended with the bring and buy especially heaving, a lot of familiar faces and traders, we arrived at 1000hrs and were gone at 1230hrs. Then back to mine for a small quick zombie wargame and cheese and ham rolls, mars bars and chocolate cake (which people forgot to eat (Ha Ha).

Apologies about the quality of pictures and captions, it must have been the good light.

The good light!

Some nice wargames on show.

Ray from Don't Throw a 1.

The bring and buy hall, the calm before the storm.

More lovely wargames in progress. 

And again.

Excellent display game, best in show to me.

The bring and buy scrum, kept this way most of the day I hear.

Some re-enactors wargaming what they were re-enacting through uniform.

Traders in general said business was good.

A lot of people were at the show with the usual bottlenecs.

Easy to put on wargaming not many models or figures required but it looked good and they seemed to be having fun.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Relaxing Sunday my arse I'm knackered.

All the rejects have left after the zombie game, we were back from the show at 1330 hrs, fed and watered them, the computer is acting up and I'm posting this from an iPod touch but it was a good day.
I will post pictures tomorrow, hope you had or are having a good Sunday.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Cavalier Wargames Show on Sunday, upcoming Zombie Game and 28mm Ford Transit

This Sunday I'm going to my first wargames show (I try to get to Salute and SELWG aswell, anything else is a bonus) of the year , smallish show but it's not that far away from where I live, several of the rejects going and afterwards I've been convinced to put on a zombie game for the rejects and Lee from who we're meeting at the show. If you've never been to this show in it's newest location it's now infamous for it's terrible hall lighting but that won't stop me from taking pictures with my one good eye. If you're there and spot me speak up I'm quite pleasant but don't appear so especially with the ongoing trials of Bell's Palsy (massive strawberry blonde gentleman with short hair and glasses).

I know this probably only helps people who live near the monstrosity that is Bluewater in Kent but they have an expensive little shop called MODELZONE that I picked up a 1:43 scale white Ford Transit van for £6.99 now I don't know if it's a good deal or not but I went all mad and bought it, now my modern zombie gaming is set in the US and so I asked a fellow blogger Das Auto! Among other things... for information on the make in Amerca and he said it's called the Ford Transit Connect and was named North American Truck of the year last year, there were a lot of these beauties left in the shop last week when I bought mine. Will post pictures from the zombie game next week aswell as the show. Have yourselves a good weekend people.

A few comparison and size pictures.

28mm Copplestone, Hasslefree and Foundry miniature for scale.


Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Games Workshop WH40K Stormraven Gunship Bodging and Comparison Pictures

....bodging a sensor/targetting array to the gunship.

Finally made my Valentines day gift ( I like making kits), this one had a few areas where things didn't fit exactly as they shoud and required bodging (angry scratchbuilding) like cutting pieces to fit but maybe it was just me. I finished it after a couple of hours over a few days and I must say it's a lovely bit of kit and will fit in well with what I want it for but I have never gotten to grips with the top mounted firing point (it just looks out of place to me) so I decided I would change it by putting something else there, hence the bodging and I must admit I like it and I moved some guns to under the wings (madness I know).

The new piece is made from 2 sensor pieces from the company Old Crow Models, a GW piece that I have no idea what it's from (was in my bits box) and something from an office board (???) but it was in the bits box. I then did some size and comparison pictures for others who might like to own this model (in it's original state probably, hope it helps and bodging is king!

The piece replaced is seen here, the cockpit with the gatling guns. 

Front view with new attachment.

Side view.

Front view of bodged piece.

Side view.

Rear view.

With some 28mm Lead Adventure, Copplestone and Hasslefree Miniatures.

Front view with the addition of a 28mm Four A Miniature.

28mm Antenocitis Warthog and Pig Iron APC.

Another view with the Pig Iron APC.

28mm Pig Iron Miniatures and Antencitis Warthog.

A closer view with the 28mm Pig Iron Miniatures.

28mm Old Crow Gunship.

With anothe GW product the beautiful Valkyrie for scale.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

28mm Unpainted Antenocitis Warthog Comparison Vehicle Pictures with Old Crow, Pig Iron and GW.

Put some pictures up last week showing the warthog with figures and I was asked to take some pictures with some other companies vehicles for size and scale pictures, so last weekend I did.

28mm Pig Iron vehicles and figures.

28mm Old Crow vehicles.

28mm Games Workshop Valkyrie and Dreadnought.

Monday, 21 February 2011

28mm French Revolutionary Wars 1796 Wargame, Pictures and Report.

Myself,  Ray and Postie dropped down to Faversham on Sunday for a French Revolutionary Wars wargame with another member of the reject's members Richard in his gaming facility in his cellar.The battle was a meeting engagement between Austrian (Postie) and French (Ray and myself) forces consisting of approx 3 brigades each. The battle was set around the south of Lodi in 1796.

The French Revolutionary Wars were a series of major conflicts, from 1792 until 1802, fought between the French Revolutionary government and several European states. Marked by French revolutionary fervour and military innovations, the campaigns saw the French Revolutionary Armies defeat a number of opposing coalitions and expand French control to the Low Countries, Italy, and the Rhineland. The wars involved enormous numbers of soldiers, mainly due to the application of modern mass conscription.

The rules were Richard's own called "Making his reputation" and as far as I know unique, they are done on a dice roll for initative and every unit had 2 actions but you could roll twice per game for an entire brigade to get an extra action, an action was moving, firing, falling back, routing etc... so you had to be canny ( myself and Ray were not on several occasions) with your actions the closer you got into melee as if you were charged after using your actions you could not fire on the incoming charges. The fog of war was in effect so no counters were paced on any units or figures removed to show casualties (the umpire kept a record), the only time you knew you were starting to have a problem was when firing dice numbers got smaller or Richard would ask you to do a morale check (this is visually nice but trying to keep track as a player is difficult when deciding to charge but I liked the idea). The game was a slog especially as the opening moves were in fog with the french marching down a road with the Austrians already in the flank and fog disappears. Postie did well with his morale dice but in firing things went to pot and myself and Ray eventually gave him a pasting (even when we're idiots we win was shouted) and caused an entire brigade to disperse and the game was won. It was a great day, great game and great rules that have uses with many other periods. Good job Richard.

The pictures are the usual mix of quality (I'm blaming the lighting in the cellar and that Ray took the bad ones, he brought his own camera but with no batteries or a memory card???).

Initial set up of the table and forces.

French forces blundering through the fog.

Richard our host in umpiring host pose.

View down the road of the French with the Austrians appearing out of the fog on our flank.

French Dragoons.

Austrian cavalry sneaking through a gap in the forest.

French infantry reacting to the Austrians on the flank.

The Austrian cavalry catching my cavalry on the hop.

The view of the same postion after the melee, my dragoons have quit the field and the poor Austrians quit the field in pursuit.

Austrian infantry brigade moving up and a light gun trying its luck.

The battle on the flank turned into a multi turn slog with regiments blowing chunks out of each other with no gain. 

French conscripts deploying in column.

Myself and Ray, I'm obviously the strawberry blonde on the right.

Frustrating hedge fighting or as an inquiry stated interpenetrating while straddling a hedge?

Postie moving Austrians forward for a change but really it's a shot of the bling.

These are the markers place behind units for keeping track, lovely work and work well.

The Austrians push forward against the determined lines of French conscripts and some line. 

The rules themselves.

The Austrians assault with two regiments, but they both get a hiding.

But it all comes to nothing with french dragoons about to hit an austrian column just after an Austrian brigade has quit the field, myself and Ray victorious but it was a bit of luck aswell.