Sunday, 29 August 2010

Zombie Tanks and Hordes.

Zombie Tanks

Zombie Hordes.

Some recently finished Tank and Horde bases for my zombie game,I am using AKULA's rules AR:SE which are all on two sides of an A4 piece of paper and fun and can be found on his blog which is listed on this page.My painting is in the style of I possibly could do better but I want to get them on the table or just finished before I might go off them.
The tank figures are from Helldorado(far left and right) and the middle figure is from Four A Miniatures who do some nice figures,the horde bases are all studio miniatures which are amazing figures,now the horde bases from other people can be a lot bigger and a lot more figures(just see AKULA's blog but I could not justify the cost and time and so went with this option.Hope you like them and any questions feel free to ask.  


  1. That looks a little like you in the chicken suit.........!

  2. I use Litko horde bases to hold five of my existing zombie figures to represent a horde. Its not as nice an option as basing them together, but it is flexible. Fenris have started to do some similar bases recently I think.

    Huge hordes consisting of vast numbers of figures clumped together on CD sized bases do look very cool, but like yourself, I cant justify the expense or time spent to get one fairly minor gaming model ready. I like your solution.

    Unsurprisingly those Studio Miniatures are on my ever expanding shopping list too: they look great.