Tuesday, 7 September 2010

28mm Neo Soviets (Picture Heavy)

The force in progress.

Stalin Mark I and Mark II Dreadnoughts

Mark II "Stalin"Close Assault Dreadnought

M-92 Raptor Gunship.

The Boss


A mixture of GW, Copplestone Castings and West Wind Incursion figures. 

Command Group.

Mostly GW steel legion figures and Copplestone Castings.

Some pictures of my 28mm Neo Soviets for my future wars gaming I intend to do eventually,the basecoat is Vallejo Russian Green inked with a brown wash and drybrushed with Vallejo Deck Tan and bits and pieces picked out with other colours (webbing,guns visors,insignia etc.....).The force still needs armour( which is on order from Old Crow) and special forces(I will use the the winter troops from Four A Miniatures when they are released you can see previews of them on the Lead Adventure Forums).
                                                                                                                  The enemy will be Pig Iron Miniatures Heavy infantry posing as USE Marines(United States of Earth) which will also use drop pods to enter the fight.I am also going to do a Hellghast earth invasion type of force using Pig Iron Miniatures Kolony troopers.
             Got a game(15mm Napoleonic) with the gang this weekend and I will probably end up with the conscripts again but we will try and get a group shot of the group and decide on our name(the latest is the Twongos???).Any questions just leave a comment.


  1. What the hell is this fantasy crap Fran? I can just about take the zombies, but a M-92 Raptor Gunship!!!! WTF
    Definatly the crap Napoleonics for you on Saturday, infact it's not worth you even turning up! :0)

  2. How dare you you spaek to me like that possible fellow member of the Twongo's.

  3. First, thanks for your comment on my blog, much appreciated! :-)
    Second, good to know that there are some more gamers out there using the background of a Near Future Russia. Although our vision won't be as "advanced" as yours, I'm really looking forward to your progress just for inspiration. So far it's great stuff!