Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Angry's Honest Movie Reviews 1: Expendables

As wargamers we deal with figures,painting,scenery and rules but wargamers cannot live by wargaming alone and so we need other eye candy and inspiration like movies but hear me now we do not reveiw rom coms or chick flicks here,action,violence,good humour,nudity and war are only acceptable here.

5 STARS: The holy grail and rarely achievable but now and again it happens and our lives are slighty changed.
4 STARS: Bloody good movie just shy of greatness but still bloody brilliant.
3 STARS: Popcorn movie that was OK and you do not mind the price or time involved in watching it.
2 STARS: The losing the will to watch movie and contine to watch because it may get better but it never does and if it was recommended then we need to find that person and make them see the error of their ways.
1 STAR: Arse Water.Unforgiveable.

No matter how bad the movie is you have to have sit through the whole thing to be allowed to comment on any movie.This is honest reviewing with no mention of panoramic scenery,sunsets or why the movie The Hurt Locker received 6 oscars(ok movie but 6 oscars!!).

Saw the Expendables last Saturday and have to say was not expecting much from it but was suprised at how much I enjoyed it even with the overacting and ham acting from some of the leads(some of them are not ageing well)but the violence,action scenes,set pieces and humour made this a very enjoyable movie and the ending just rounded out a damn good experience.4 STARS and the if the scene near the end with the AA-12 shotgun does not make you laugh out loud and shout i apologise(not really).

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