Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Empress Miniatures US Infantry Review

Took the plunge and ordered the modern US infantry from Empress Miniatures,they are beautiful figures and I already have the SAS and taliban ranges that they do.They are virtually flash free but the only gripe is that some of them come with seperate heads which are a little fiddly as you have to snip the neck for them to fit in the space provided at the neck(which involved green stuff and good superglue),i am perfectly happy with Empress placing the head on the body for me(especially arms but this is probably due to casting being made easier) but it is a minor niggle and not everybody will have a problem especially if you are posing them for a diorama but me I just want them for wargaming(Zombies and Modern).As for painting I will go with this guide I found that uses Vallejo as a reference.


  1. Got 2 packs of the new Brit infantry at Salute as part of my impulse buying frenzy and they are fab, although I didn't plan on gaming (or modelling) 28mm...oh, well.



  2. I recommend only buying at shows if at all, you are lucky if they ever turn up if you use their website and the proprietor Keith is a sarcastic twat.