Sunday, 26 September 2010

Update, Loyalty and Robin Hood

No update for a while have been on annual leave and turning 42, got a digital camera for my birthday so can give back the camera i have been using, got my Four A miniatures snow troopers, some copplestone predators and terminators.Nearly finished painting the terminators,starting the snow troopers for my neo sov siberian special forces.
         Loyalty from figure companies is something my friends and I have discussed lately, my second order from Four A miniatures included a free figure(one that I can use aswell),hasslefree have loyalty points,sweets and extras and even Pig Iron sent extra when they screwed up but the likes of copplestone(does not respond to enquiries about products and has never offered any  individually generated extras for years of buying his products,foundry(offered discounts but did not work and took full amount without discount and was not changed even after ringing them and have never ordered again), there are others but thats not the point.Now why should they offer or even give extra its not compulsory, not economically viable(or is it?) but I believe it is good business sense because it prompts you to order again,recommend them to others and hopefully increase their business by buying more or choosing a period that they do that you had not planned to startWe are not looking for this all the time but now and again would be nice and I think it would increase sales but I understand margins are tight and some companies are a hobby more than a business(hasslefree have nearly gone bust in the past) and that in the end if you do want the figures you will buy them regardless and I believe thats how some companies think.
                                                            Finally I got to see the new Robin Hood with Russell Crowe and despite the historical saving private ryan scene(with what looked like landing craft painted brown) it was a 4 star romp with good action scenes and humour and I recommend it with the above comments.

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