Monday, 4 October 2010

25mm Old Crow VTOLs Comparison Pictures Not.

Apologies but the original pictures for this post have disappeared for some reason, yet again my apologies and please free to have a look for something esle on the blog.


  1. Thanks for the comparison photo - I may have to get one of these for my 25mm stuff
    (Love the Samurai image in the banner too!)

  2. I have a lot of Samurai from Perry Miniatures which I believe is still my favorite period of all I have ever owned.
    The Old Crow stuff is lovely but a pain to order and receive.

  3. This may not be relevant but here goes anyway! When building scratchbuilt vehicles I try to cover as much of the flat panels with detail - in the main it is simple stick labels cut into small squares, rectangles or circles, try to use labels with a strong adhesive - for example GB stickers for cars. Once undercoated and painted the slight raised surface detail can help to break up the toy-like effect of some resin models.

    there are many examples on the Blog - see Space 1889/Aeronef label for more details.


  4. Did you glue these wonderful plane thingy's together yourself.......?
    I heard NOT!

  5. Bite me,you are just jealous my friend.