Wednesday, 20 October 2010

28mm EM4 Miniatures Thugz Range Comparison Pictures.

Picked up the full range of the 28mm Thugz from EM4 miniatures at the SELWG show on Sunday and have just posted some size comparison pictures with a 28mm Pig Iron miniature on the left and a 28mm Empress Miniature on the right.The figures are great and full of character and very little flash or mold lines, highly recommended and there are painted versions on the website of EM4.


  1. Those are very cool minis. Thanks for the size comparison. It's always helpful to get an idea of how minis will size up.

  2. Yeah, these minis are sweet man, I have the whole range myself and have painted about half of them thus far (can be seen on my blog), I plan on painting the rest in the next month, when I get back from my holiday in FIJI, the painted versions on EM4 to me are not really 'Ganger style' if you dressed like that on the streets of LA Im pretty sure you would get your Arse capped (excuse the french), also if you like these gangers then you will like the range obelisk miniatures have aswell, great minis and awesome service (click on english version of website)