Thursday, 7 October 2010

28mm Painted Snow Troopers by Four A Miniatures (Picture Heavy)

Now I call them snow troopers and that is how they are named and sold by Four A Miniatures who sold me a pack before they went on general release and gave me a free figure aswell but I wanted them for my Neo Soviet forces as a special forces unit and so painted them in Vallejo russian green to tie in with everything else I have painted in the army.They were a pleasure to paint and my painting skills which I describe as wargaming standard do not look too bad on them,I try to keep the uniform to one main colour and not make them too colourful as they are supposed to be soldiers and not clowns.I hope you like them painted this way as it gives them more options to be used in different climate zones and possibly the unit comes from a hotter part of the new soviet empire(somewhere south?) and they cannot stand the cold.I have a new camera as I said before and the pictures could be a lot better but anger got the better of me after a lot of pictures taken and discarded but definitely not taken at work no matter what some other blog owners say who happen to be work colleagues. 


  1. Very nice work, they look great! Have been thinking of getting those myself.

  2. Thanks for that,well worth a purchase.

  3. i love these figs! especially anything 'soviet' is an affinity of mine. nice job.