Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Wargames Magazines:Do you still buy?

Picked up my only 2 wargames magazines that I buy last night which are Wargames Illustrated and White Dwarf.Now I never look at the magazines before I buy them because I do not believe I would still buy them as lately I am growing tired of Wargames Illustrated as a lot of the time now it does not interest me as much with some of its articles especially all the FOW stuff,I still like it for eye candy and advertisements but now with all the forums and reviews and previews available on the web the magazine is already out of date when you purchase it I believe.

White Dwarf I purchase because I used to play WH40K and Lord of the Rings and still like the magazine for battle reports,Lord of the Rings(which I adapted for Samurai Warfare, War of the Spanish Succession and Pirates) and I still make the odd purchase of WH40K vehicles and use them with other figures and I know it is just one big colourful catalogue but I mainly read these magazines for the moments of peace when we are pondering in the toilet that there is actually peace and quiet and we may get half a magazine read or a couple of chapters in a book(apologies for too much information or if you do not do this).LOL

Other Magazines I used to buy and read regularly(well not Vae Victus because I am Irish and cannot read or for that fact speak French but great pictures and a game):
Miniatures Wargames.
Wargames Soldiers and Strategy
Dadi & Piombo
Vae Victus(translation please)

I have back issues of these magazines numbering into hundreds and think they were better in the past(without as much information on the internet) but maybe I am just old but I will still probably continue purchasing them if only out of habit and the toilet reading.


  1. I pick up the odd Miniature Wargames (usually for a specific article or two) but I really like BattleGames and subscribe to it - typically they sit on the coffee table or bedside locker
    Haven't bought a copy of White Dwarf in donkey's years though!

  2. White Dwarf is still readable but with an open mind.

  3. I rarely buy any magazines new, preferring to browse them at the newsagents and then pick up second hand batches at wargame/gaming shows

    In the last year I would say I bought (new) a couple of Wargames Illustrated and a couple of Military Modeller. Then second-hand - a batch of White Dwarf, some Military Modellers and a couple of Finescales Modeller, a single issue of the IPMS in-house magazine and a batch of old Tradition magazines.

    I find that I no longer 'collect' magazines for the sake of it, where as in the past I would buy Every WD, Every No Quarter and most Finescale Modeller.

    I believe that the main reason is that there is very little original material out there!

    Finally I have been impressed with the In-House magazine from Alternative Armies called Barking Irons and the on-line magazine The Ancible, but I would add that I also write for both of these.


  4. You are right with what you say and I do pick up second hand magazines at shows especially modelling magazines.Have not heard much about The Ancible is it any good and had a look at your blog and like it.

  5. Ancible are (are were) running a special offer where you could down-load issue one for free, Try it - It really is free.


    I agree with NCIS and The Mentalist, not sure about any of the CSI series, but will keep an eye out for your other recommendations.

    Have you seen Dexter - here's one that I would recommend.

  6. I have read the first Dexter book and I do own the first series on DVD but have not got round to it yet.

  7. As you know Fran I still buy Miniature Wargames, I cannot for the life of think why, it gets worse and worse,with each issue, I promised myself around 2 years ago I stopped buying it, but still carried on. As for Wargames Illustrated, if you like WW2 and want to spend thousands on Flames of War figures your fine, unfortunately they've stopped producing the best mag, Wargames, Soldiers and Strategy.
    Lastly Dexter kicks arse, you've gotta give it another go............

  8. I agree about Wargames:Soldiers and Strategy but it was focused most months on just the one period which is a joy if it is your period which it was a couple of times for me but most times not but one I would buy sometimes just for the eye candy because I could not help it.

  9. I would invariably pick up every issue of MWAN when it was real, for the 50 pages of letters and articles by amateurs. Regular guys.

    Can't stand professional anything, really. For about the same reasons I grabbed every old issue of Empires, Eagles and Lions before it too went slick. I noticed the famous Rory Muir did that, too, and it greatly influenced his writing on Napoleonic warfare. Still prize them both, too.

    SYWAN sadly gone, too. But the blog world will suffice to replace all three zines. I guess that is why I also watch youtubes over television every time, except when the Bears are playing, that is.

  10. Watched the Bears play in the Superbowl in 1985 against the New England Patriots and hammer them,was the first game I ever watched of American football and was hooked and have been a Bears fan ever since,I believe my memory is correct I hope.

  11. We all walk an inch taller when that team is mentioned, somehow air lifts us up from under our feet. If you're ever in a videogame of football, take the 85 Bears and give the ball to Sweetness, number 34, you can beat the All-time All-Stars even.

    Those guys are still larger than life. I used to be the night guard of the construction site of one of Coach Ditka's restaurants.

    This year Mike Singletary, the 85 Bears middle linebacker then and brains of the vaunted defense is now coach of the San Francisco 49ers who are 0-5 and he is under some pressure for that.

    Thanks for bringing that up, I can float now, on the air!