Thursday, 11 November 2010

28mm Painted Heresy Miniatures Ghoul Hag Figures.

Painted these up around the same time as the Hasslefree mawes, these are the ghoul hag and child from Heresy Miniatures and they definitely come under the title "different", I use them for my zombie games but they are lovely figures to paint and there are more ghouls in the range but this pack(still not used the gravestone and shovel that also came in the pack) appealed to me!

The other figure in the picture is a 28mm Hasslefree miniature called "Ken" for scale purposes and he is about to open a  whole case of "whuppass".


  1. Damn, they are very creepy, really "different". The Hasslefree mini is awsome.

  2. OMG - those are absolutely freaky!! Nicely painted - I'm unsure I could bring myself to paint the baby holding one!!


  3. Like em a lot, very well painted. There seems to be a lot of 28mm ghouls and Zombies coming out these days...a "period" which I keep looking at with ever growing interest, I´ll have to start into them one day, as soon as I´ve finished eating my neighbour :-)
    Great blog ..