Friday, 29 October 2010

Angry's Honest Movie Reviews 2: The Good,The Bad and the Weird.

The Good,The Bad and the Weird came out in 2008 and is set in 1930's Manchuria and tells the story of a hunt for a treasure map(buried Qing dynasty riches) and the three main characters involvement in locating it, The Good(bounty hunter), The Bad(bandit and hitman) and the Weird(thief), involved aswell are a multitude of other characters including a large pursuing group of Manchurian Bandits and the Japanese army.This is one hell of a movie and try to watch the Korean version as the ending is better, it has a great soundtrack, good bodycount, insane action set pieces and hopefully when I say to people now have you seen the film they will go yes and it was bloody brilliant.

This is a 4 STAR movie(movie ranking guide on the blog) and have a glimpse at the UK trailer to wet your appetite.


  1. You will not regret it, spread the word.

  2. Seems like this will be a must see for my 'list'. Thanks Mr...

  3. Hahahha I saw this a while ago, crazy asian movies, they have the best imagination, can't beat them.

  4. I finally got around to watching this on netflix last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for the heads-up.