Thursday, 14 October 2010

Zombietown USA : 28mm Zombie Action Pictures.(Picture Heavy)

Aerial veiw of town.

The mayor and flunkies negotiating with the national guard captain.

Zombies entering the town.

A zombie horde has appeared.

Another horde has appeared.

Negotiations continue.

Interested parties watch(see 28mm painted terminator thread for details of watchers.

Second line of defense starting to form.

Body bags starting to pile up.

Another view of command area, unaware of the dog threat approaching!

Command area and abandoned hospital.

Zombie dogs.

Something bad happening in the hospital?

Some action pictures from my Zombietown USA(still haven't named it yet) with my 28mm zombie collection of Zeds, Survivors, Police, SWAT, National Guard,Lowlifes and Gangers(not all the collection on the table).I use at the moment AKULA's(praise be to the AKULA) AR:SE rules as the template for the games.The city is an ongoing project with bits and pieces added when I find them or can afford them(thats why the table roads are dusty), hope you like and I hope to use the town for other modern periods or possible future war/apocalypse.

Any questions leave a comment.


  1. Awesome setup....I'm jealous as hell! Very well done indeed. How long did it take you to put all that together? What are you expansion plans?


  2. Really nice setup man, looks like you have put a fews hours into this project aye, love the body bags where did you get those from ?
    Also the in building photography is excellent, good effect.

  3. Sorry one more question, who makes your national guard ?(Where do I get some from ?)

  4. The body bags are from Black Cat Bases, the guard are from Blac Scorpion but Empress Miniatures do some nice regulars aswell.

    As for expansion I am trying to do interiors for most of the buildings and a link to the nearly completed laboratory under the city.

  5. Cool! Looking forward to seeing that!

  6. One word...JEALOUS! I'm starting up a zombie game to run with my husband and his friends. It would be awesome to drop them into a setting like this. Can't wait to see more.

  7. ZOMBIES!? You have my attention!

  8. It looks great! I downloaded the AR:SE rules myself but was wondering where the skills are listed and if there are any suggestions on how many zombies vs survivors should be used.

  9. Awesome board mate! Where are those buildings from? Are they Amera plastic mouldings?

    1. They're O scale Plasticville and K-ville plastic buildings!

  10. Where are the dog models from?