Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Orkmacht Games Workshop Gretchin Crew from Forge World......

.........also known as Day of the Grots!

This is how Games Workshop describe Gretchin......

Gretchin mobs make up for their shocking lack of quality with sheer quantity. The natural cowardice and feeble-limbed incompetence of the Gretchin race does not predispose them to the arts of war, and a typical Grot would prefer to have his head buried in a sporehole than to actually participate in a proper battle.

For the meaning of a sporehole ask Ray, he has one!

Painted up a while ago for another project that stalled back in the day! They are also resin.......

Friday, 20 November 2015

20mm Elhiem Modern Prisoners, TV Crew, Downed Pilot or a Secret Santa Clause maybe........?

Chris (The Persuader) Stoesen over at Wargamer's Odds and Ends is running this years Santa Clause where you spend no more than £5.00 on something hobbyish and paint it and then send it to a victim target another member of the Santa Clause cabal.

My victim target member of the cabal was chosen and after perusing his blog(I was already a follower)I spied that he was contemplating getting into 20mm modern from Elhiem, so I spent my money and bought some 20mm modern madness from Elhiem (he recently just painted some modern minis)......

So they will wind their way across the world on a sleigh (Irish Postal Services) this weekend and he may be happy or he may not be but it's better than coal!

A few issues with the painting, varnish went cloudy, primer running off model, going blind but they are figures that he may be able to use for modern scenarios    or candidates for a dettol bath.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

15mm Khurasan Miniatures The Hunger Games teenagers......possibly......not.....

........and no I haven't seen the movies.

Just some more civilians but these are armed teenagers and add a little variety to groups especially zombie survivors.

Pictures are not the best but hopefully you get the idea, 15mm from Khurasan and because their teenagers smaller than that so 13mm?