Monday, 16 August 2010

Pig Iron Miniatures Vehicle Size.

Got some 28mm Pig Iron Miniatures vehicles as a gift from a friend who actually asks what you want and got 2 MBTs and an APC but they only sent 1 of each but more about that later.The figures in front of the APC are from left to right Copplestone and Empress Miniatures and in front of the MBT are Hasslefree,Heresy and Pig Iron.

The resin is heavy and solid and little to no cleaning on them except for some on the metal parts but all in all I would heartily recommend them and this brings me onto the other issue as I have placed 4 orders with Pig Iron to date and the first issue was not having figures in stock when I ordered and paid for them but received and email and eventually got them with another order,the next order a figure was missing from a pack and a pack of heads was missing but this was sorted and with the next order the vehicles I ordered 3 but received 2 and have been told I have to wait for the missing one to come back from the casters,during this time they have communicated all the details and little problems but when do you say enough is enough.
For me that stage has not been reached but it could come even for companies who have some excellent product like Pig Iron.One last point on this particular rant is when companies go on holiday could they put it on their site so you do not think they have forgotten you.Pig Iron Miniatures,beautiful stuff but with little problems.

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