Monday, 18 October 2010

SELWG 2010

Arrived at SELWG around 0950hrs with the boyos to end up at the back of a very long queue which a couple of minutes later started moving and we were in.Seemed to be pretty much the same traders as last year and we all split up and went our seperate ways, did not have much funds with me but picked up some thugz and terminators from EM4 miniatures,some cheap black spray(£5 a tin for GW black),spray varnish, the new zombie book from Osprey and a 15mm VTOL and bots from GZG and the new wargames illustrated.Even if I had a lot more funds I do not think there was much more I would have bought.

Wandered around and heard some traders talking to each other about how poor business was even with orders they receive online, I did think the show was not as busy as last year and could have done with a few different traders but this is just my opinion.

Myself and Ray met Lee from while he was taking pictures of a game for his blog and this is why we did not take that  many pictures and recommend you go to his site and view some great pictures when he has them up in a couple of days, Lee is a thoroughly nice guy and we have put on a game this saturday and invited him to come down for a 15mm ACW game.All in all it was a good day and I have to mention that Postie our umpire for all games and ringleader paid for us in and bought us a McDonalds on the way home(I think we are his surrogate kids).A couple of pictures below for your viewing pleasure.
A view from one end of the hall with Ray laughing like a hyena.

A view from the other end of the hall.

Members of "The Group with No Name",Ray, myself, Postie and Richard.

A tale of 3 bloggers, Lee, Ray and me.


  1. A nice write up of a great day out. I also heared several traders bemoaning the poor turnout & lower takings for the day. One trader suggested the show hadn't been advertised enough. That may be true, certainly the info on the SELWG site was a little sparse.

    Thanks for the heads up about the GW spray paint btw. I bought myself a couple of cans and spent the saving on some US Decals for my FOW figures. I didn't buy a great deal this year, partly because funds were short but also because I'm trying to get more painting done before I buy yet more figures. Having said that I still bought a Platoon of US 76mm Shermans so thats more Lead (& resin) to add to the pile of other projects.

    I like the mugshots above. It was great meeting you all and I'll get back to you later about the game invite (got to pass it with the Boss woman first..!).

  2. It was good to meet you and hopefully you can get down for the game.

  3. The last photo, why? What the heelll were we doing & why the Heelll did you post that awful pic, 3 people but how many chins?

  4. Remember richard/postie whoever took the bloody picture said to say sausages and Lee was sensible enough not to but not us eijits!