Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Battle of Shendi 1885, 15mm Sudan Game Report Part 2.

The second part and conclusion. (Picture Heavy)

Just a few descriptions of the rules to give you a brief idea, British were classed as first rate and morale was a 3, 4, 5 or a 6, Egyptian was second rate and morale was a 4, 5, or 6 and the Dervishes were classed as third rate and morale was a 5 or a 6 (except for the fuzzy wuzzies who were second rate), all hits were on a 5 or a 6, dervish leaders had to be within 12 inches of a unit for it to move easily or they had to roll their morale to move (15 inches for the British).
All Dervish infantry moved 10 inches in any direction, British was 6 inches and recommended to stay in line for firing and receiving charges.A unit had a certain amount of hits before it was destroyed, 8 for the British and 6 for the Dervish and Egyptian infantry, 4 for skirmishers and cavalry units.

Myself and John decided that the patrol would stay in place as it was too far for it to reach the supply depot and too far for rescue because of the chance of being caught in the open and ambushed (this turned out to be very true), I awaited reinforcements (no idea what as Postie is a crafty shite), John hammered the Dervishes for 10 turns and held on with 3 battalions nearly at one quarter strength, they hit front on but this was suicide so they hit him in the flank and rear but slowly whittled him down, I kept 12 units of Dervishes busy but the main battle was the patrol who survived and we won when we destroyed 17 units of Dervish forces (they had to wipe out the patrol to win, they were one maybe two turns away from that), damn good game.

Initiative was rolled every turn to see who went first or second with a plus 1 to the Dervishes (home soil), the dervishes won most of them.

The Dervish forces numbered 22,000 warriors, 2,500 riflemen, 3,000 cavalry, 3,000 camelry and one artillery piece.
The British forces numbered 4,800 foot, 500 cavalry, 500 camelry, 2 artillery pieces and a Gatling gun.

The sound of artillery wakes the garrison, I have more troops!

I send the lancers to assist the patrol.

The patrol prepares for the onslaught.


The paddle steamer was hand made by a friend of Postie's.

Towing another British battalion.

Sailors and Gatling gun on board, Postie wouldn't let me beach the steamer nearer the shore to disembark, had to roll 3 average dice every turn for movement.

The Egyptians wait.

Turn 3!

Dervish camelry charge the artillery.

The heavy camel regiment behind the defences (camels).

Fuzzy Wuzzy (Hadendoa) camelry and cavalry after being spotted in a dry river bed (we were lucky with these rolls as some of them were a 9 on a D10!)

Things are getting desperate for the patrol.

Camera work getting a bit Spielberg.

The heavy camel regiment about to be hit in the rear.

Finally the paddle steamer docks and troops disembark.

Fuzzy Wuzzy massed fanatic infantry spotted and having to be deployed.

The garrison and reinforcements race to the walls.

Colonel Lurker by this stage had attached himself to the egyptian lancers but the iniative allowed fuzzy wuzzy cavalry to hit him in the flank.

More Dervish infantry comes into play, the patrol is doomed.

The Fuzzy Wuzzy infantry are being decimated by fire from the fort, the orange markers show stalled units, need to roll your morale to get them off or head back towards your lines or table edge.

The end can't be far off.

Colonel Lurker in a spot of more bother.

Real bother, took out one unit and damaged two others.

The fuzzy wuzzies don't like it UP EM.

Can we actually win?

The fort dealing with fuzzy wuzzies and Dervish riflemen.

The last turn for the patrol.

John, man of the desert, held out and won but another turn?

Damn good game.


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