Monday, 25 October 2010

15mm ACW Game Pictures and Postie's Reject's.(Picture Heavy)

The gang met up at the weekend for a 15mm ACW game using the Fire and Fury rule system(which should be called the 1 and fury rules as I threw so many of them but these rules do kill you on the dice).The whole group was there except for Dave and we had a new member Lee from ,the game was a hard fought slog with nobody getting the decisive upper hand and in the end it turned into a minor victory for the union which meant for me being on the confederate side was a loss(did I mention I hate fire and fury rules,if you are not rolling a 1, when you roll a 9 or 10 your opponent does aswell).

But this is not the main reason for wargaming at the weekend or when you get a chance and everybody gets together, its the the banter, slagging, laughter(everybody), weirdness(Ray,see picture) shouting, crying(Ian), lunacy(Lee) and plain old fashioned fun.

Hopefully you will enjoy the pictures below as just eye candy and a guide to Postie's Rejects(we sort of decided on this name but I don't know?)
Postie's Rejects minus Dave and me behind the camera, L to R sitting, Ian, Ray, Lee and Richard, L to R standing, Surjit, John, Smithy, Postie.

The set up Postie has and game.

Smithy under pressure from John's union forces on the left flank.

My slog with Richards union forces in the centre.

Lee and his disregard for his union troops and confederate canister fire on the right flank(his first time playing these rules).LOL

Ian and Ray's slog in the middle of the field.

Confederates on the back foot temporarily.

A decision does not go Ian's way.

The others distance themselves from Ian.

Ray's weirdness, yes that is a tomato.

Smithy showing some joy at a dice finally going his way.

Ray and Postie???

The winners(smug gits).


  1. Nice photos Fran, I love playing Fire and Fury, but i also hate the rules and never want to play it ever againm, ever, ever, ever. Sorry I need to control myself, EVER!!!

  2. Fire and fecking fury,bloody good period but bloody poor rules, it makes me angrier.

  3. I thought we were playing Ludo?

  4. I'm curious what was so infuriating about them as I have been looking around for a set of rules for ACW. Its a project for down the road but I like to read reviews and ask about before I buy. I'm personally leaning towards Piquet ACW rules but want to play a game before I commit.

  5. Oh no, not Piquet, unless you like your troops not moving for an entire game. I like Fire and Fury been playing it for years. Just don't roll ones!