Monday, 11 October 2010

28mm Painted Not "The Devils Rejects" Figures.

Got my 28mm not "The Devils Rejects" figures painted and took some pictures,there should be 5 but I cannot figure out what I did with the other one but I use them in my zombie games as problems for other gamers as gangers or just lowlifes.If you don't know about them I got them on the Lead Adventure Forum and they were designed by Paul Hicks,the building they are on is a Plasticville 0 scale apartment.



  1. They are brilliant, look really good. Love the apartment too.
    I'll have a look at getting a set of them on LAF.

  2. Argh ....real nice man, they look like #@*&! low lifes hehehe, I'm a little scared to ask what the movie is about.

  3. The movie is grim but watchable about a family of lowlifes/killers but not as grim as the first movie in the series "The House of a 1000 Corpses" which you do not need to see to enjoy "The Devils Rejects" if enjoy is the right word.