Monday, 15 November 2010

15mm figures posing as 28mm figures: Terminators

Wanted to add some bits and pieces to my 28mm terminator forces but could not find anything I liked or could afford(£60.00 for a painted HK tank) in 28mm, so while at SELWG I picked up some 15mm pieces from GZG and painted them up to go with what I had and I think they work with the 28mm Copplestone Castings terminators in the pictures.
The big boy is a 15mm VTOL, the double gun boys are listed as gunbots and the little boys with aerials(the aerials are paper clips) are listed as wheeled drone with sensors.I mean to use them as remote guarding drones for facilities or urban areas.


  1. Cool. Although the ‘scale purists’ will have an aneurism when they read about this.

  2. HI I saw a number of Hunter killers ( Terminator Salvation) which would do for 28mm approx 10 inches long 4 inches wide and excellent models. These were at Toys R Us discounted at the time ( approx 4 weeks ago at only £7.99 ) Real bargain, even had some Terminator figure which are on the large size but 2 for £1.50 if I recall correctly

    Hope this helps


  3. It it fits and looks good...use it...or that´s what I keep getting told...;-)
    They look great..more!! ...terminator....another great Sc-Fi set of films!:-)

  4. Very nice Mr Lee, What are they?? LOL!!

  5. Nice figures, Mr Angry - I have the Copplestone Terminators and these look like they complement them very well. Have you got the eM4 terminators as well? they match the Copplestone ones nicely

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