Wednesday, 3 November 2010

25mm Old Crow Vehicle and 28mm Pig Iron Vehicle Comparison Pictures.

Got some 25mm Old Crow Models vehicles for my Neo-Soviets and have put up some comparison pictures with 28mm figures plus put some of them up against the 28mm vehicles from Pig Iron Miniatures.Apologies as the pictures could be a bit better but I hope it gives a general idea of scale and size, any questions leave a comment.

25mm Old Crow Claymore Heavy APC and Sabre Heavy Tank with L to R, 28mm Black Scorpion miniature, 28mm Copplestone Castings miniature and 28mm Hasslefree miniature.

25mm Old Crow Provider Transport, Samson Engineering Vehicle and Slingshot Multi-Purpose AFV. 

28mm Pig Iron Ironside MBT on the left with the Old Crow Sabre Heavy Tank.

Old Crow Claymore Heavy APC with 28mm Pig Iron Ironshield APC.


  1. Nice template and nice blog good luck.

  2. Lovely tanks! They remind me of Soviet vehicles.

  3. Hello, I found your this post while googling.
    I and my friend are searching for the information about the Old Crow model's items. We both are interested with the 25mm Sabre heavy tank, but the main gun in the pics of Old Crow's official homepage is too thin and looks weak. BTW your one has thick and strong main cannon. I think you didn't replace the gun with another part, did you? I'd like to know which is a correct part. Waiting your reply with pleasure.

    1. The correct part is the one which you saw on my post, it's thick and strong, good models and reasonably priced!

  4. Many thanks for your quick reply! Good news. Now we need no worry and we can decide to buy them. Thanks again!