Monday, 29 November 2010

Posties Rejects:15mm Crimean Wargame Report(Picture and word heavy)


Posties rejects turned up for a game last saturday of an action in the crimea between french and britsh forces facing a russian attack at the chouliou river in the crimea(battle is fictional but river existed at the time and there was fighting near the area).There were 4 players and Postie as umpire(commands were picked out of a hat at beginning of game,
Surjit: French forces (Allied Commander)
John: British forces
Smithy: Russian Commander (1st brigade)
Me: Russian second in command (2nd brigade)
French: 2nd infantry division(part),1st brigade:7th line, 3rd zouaves(elite), 1st chasseurs a pied(elite), a battery each of heavy and medium guns and an attached cavalry brigade of the 1st/4th chasseurs d'Afrique(elite).
British: 3rd infantry division,1st brigade:1st,38th and 50th line,2nd brigade:4th, 28th and 44th line, 2 batteries of medium guns plus an attached cavalry brigade of the 17th lancers, 4th light dragoons and 8th hussars(elite) and a battery of light horse artillery.

Russian:16th infantry division, 1st brigade, Vladimir and Susdal line regiments plus 2 batteries each of heavy and light guns and an attached cavalry brigade of the 11th/12th Hussars plus 53rd Don Cossacks(conscript).
2nd brigade, Uglutz and Kazan line regiments, 6th schutzen battalion(elite) and 2 reserve batteries of heavy and light guns.

The rules we use are a variation of General De Brigade with house rule changes,the ammo on all artillery is limited(especially shell), the russian units were larger(20 figures to 16 of the allies) but all had muskets(9" range) compared to british and french rifled muskets(15" range).
A brief description of the battle, the russian commander in chief did not come off the hill until it was too late, I got bogged down at the bridge and only got over with my schutzen battalion(skirmishers with rifled muskets) my reserve artillery arrived too late to influence anything.The russian cavalry(huge units of 24 figures) got hammered by britsh and french cavalry and left the game/board(all 3 of them).The russian infantry got outdistanced by the range of the french muskets(the british infantry only arrived at the end turn to deliver 1 devastating volley), the french would move out of our effective range and fire back in theirs.The battle ended when we called a halt to the misery and on points they won 10-4, good game but frustrating on a period I quite like.

Initial set up with the russians on the left.

My brigade approaches the bridge of death and despair.

Russian 1st brigade initial set up.

The british forces with cavalry out front(part of the light brigade)

My Uglutz boys crossing the bridge with the schutzen in front,the bridge was the furthest my formed units got.

The first unit took 50% casualties failed its morale went straight back through everything else and disordered them aswell(the yellow markers).

Massed russian cavalry heading off to engage the british and french cavalry.

The disaster at the bridge(the green markers signify march column and white signifies first fire)

Before the first round of combat.

After the first round of combat(something is missing).

My reserve artillery pushing forward but too late.

The russian first brigade engaging the french and british but with horrendous losses.

French and british cavalry finishing off the 12th hussars(3 to 1).

A picture at the end of my schutzen behind the french redoubt(far smaller unit by then) but its my only positive for the russians the whole game.The dice rolling was horrendous on our part but we won iniative nearly every turn but a game is a game and all thanks to Postie(I hope you enjoy the report and apologise for any mistakes I may have written).


  1. Lurker! This is epic! I wish I had time to do stuff like this still. =\

  2. Damn I'm gutted I missed this game. Looks like you had a great time. Once again, sorry I couldn't make it. (I'll be posting pictures of my day at Dragonmeet on my Blog Wednesday, just to prove I was doing something!)

    Great pictures by the way.

  3. Excellent report - I think we've all had those games where things never seem to get on track - looks like a grand time never-the-less


  4. No problem BigLee, there is another game on the 10th of December I believe.

  5. A much overlooked War. I don't think I've ever seen a book on the Crimean campaign in a US bookshop.

  6. WOW that's a big setup! and never thought that those small figure is used on an actual game. The game play looks interesting.

  7. Think I was at work when this game was put on, its not all about me you know???

  8. Charge!!! A fabulous looking game Sir.

  9. Interesting report. It looks like it is pre giving each other the business in style.