Monday, 13 December 2010

15mm Napoleonic Game Report: Freisadt 1809 French vs Austrian(Picture Heavy).

Posties Rejects met up on Sunday for a 15mm napoleonic french vs austrian game using General de Brigade with house rule changes.There were 6 of us John, Ian, Lee, Richard, Surjit and myself and the umpire Postie of course,there were 6 divisions present with 3 per side with virtually identical forces per side for a meeting engagement that was fictitious but could have happened.

The French:
John:1st Division(French):1st Brigade,3 battalions of the 36th line and 1 battalion of the 30th line.2nd Brigade,1 battalion of the 27th and 3 battalions if the 10th leger(elite).3rd Brigade,1st and 5th regiments of cuirassiers(elite).1 heavy and 1 medium batteries of artillery.
Richard:2nd Division(Saxon):4th Brigade,2 battalions of Prinz Max,1 battalion of Prinz Anton and 1 battalion of light infantry(elite).5th Brigade,3 battalions of grenadiers(elite),1 battalion guard(elite).6th Brigade,1 regiment each of Albrecht chevau-leger and 1st Hussars.1 heavy and 1 light batteries of artillery.
Ian:3rd Division(Bavarian):7th Brigade,2 battalions of Kronprinz and 2 battalions of Prinz Carl infantry.8th Brigade,2 battalions of Herzog Wilhelm and 1 battalion of Herzog Pivs infantry and 1 battalion of light infantry(elite).9th Brigade,1 regiment each of the 1st and 6th chevau-leger.1 medium gun battery.

The Austrians:
Surjit:1st Division:1st Brigade,4 battalions of German grenadiers(elite).2nd Brigade,4 battalions of Hungarian grenadiers(elite).3rd Brigade,1st and 2nd regiments cuirassiers(elite).1 heavy and 1 light batteries of artillery.
Lee:2nd Division:4th Brigade,2 battalions each of the german 24th and 14th line.5th Brigade,3 battalions of the 34th hungarian line and 1 battalion of jagers(elite).6th Brigade,1 regiment each of the 3rd and 4th Hussars(elite).1 heavy and 1 light battery of artillery.
Me:3rd Division:7th Brigade,2 battalions each of the 8th and 18th German line.8th Brigade,3 battalions of the 61st Hungarian line and 1 battalion of jagers(elite).9th Brigade,1 regiment each of the 2nd and 4th chevau-leger,1 light battery of artillery.

This was a meeting engagement and it became a hard fought slog with cavalry regiments killed to a man and even cavalry brigades being wiped out,4 brigade commanders died and a divisional commander went into the void aswell and as you will see with the pictures it came down to the wire 16-15 to the Austrians.Good game over 6 turns.

Initial set up with the french on the left.

Austrian 3rd Division (my boys).

First initial push forward with the Austrian 1st Division in the lead in the center.

2nd Austrian Division about to clash with the 2nd Bavarian Division.

A view from the Austrian troops (4 batteries of artillery awaiting targets on yonder hilltop).

The slog on our left(Austrian) flank with bavarian cavalry in full retreat,they would later rout when they failed their morale.

The cavalry (austrian and saxon) clash on the right flank,brigade and divisional commanders attached.

One of the Saxon regiments in full retreat with me in pursuit and one of mine pushed back with heavy losses and the Saxons then hit one of my infantry battalions and pushed it back with heavy losses.

Lunchtime for Surjit, Lee and John. 

I got round the Saxon flank and 1 inch less this column would have not gotten into square,I won but did not break it.

A view from my side of cavalry versus square..

A view from the Bavarians on their right flank,this stalemated until the end with nobody getting the upper hand.

An along the line view of the slog from the french point of view.

Saxon and Austrian skirmishers clashing.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and apologies for any mistakes that I made in naming units as I was reading Posties handwriting (shocking).


  1. Nice looking battle mate (and not one Zombie to be seen:-))

  2. Nice photos Fran, It looks like it was a good game, shame I missed it.
    @Paul-No zombies are allowed in Posties shed, historical games only ;0)

  3. I guess there could have been zombies in the aftermath of the battle. lol.

  4. Damn, this looks like complicated but totaly something I could be interested in playing! Great pictures, sure catched my attention for a while!

  5. wow that looks really impressive... there's a great amount of detail... and the sandwiches look good!

  6. Looks like a well-designed and played game. The players looks so serious munching on the sandwiches too ;)! Dean

  7. Great coverage - I can almost smell the shed and taste the sandwiches! With so many people, square feet and miniatures, not to mention victuals, it's getting on for a re-enactment..! Well done - reading this and looking at the pics was time well spent.

  8. Nice write up mate. It was a tight fought game but really enjoyable as a result. I posted some of my own pictures of the game on my blog.

    I look very serious in that picture of me above. Tactics always make me frown... and give me gas.

  9. i love that you use real life tactics like canon on high ground and all

  10. Very impressive. And you got sandwiches.

  11. Yes, but what happened to the Neapolitans? I've been thinking about them all week since they were mentioned previously somewhere. Now they've disappeared.

    I was thinking they could fight if they wanted to, after seeing they had a guerrilla in the 1860s, when the Piedmontese took over.

  12. Now this is my kind of day out!

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