Friday, 21 January 2011

Inspiring Picture 15: Jedi Mind Tricks.

...........only works on the weak minded.

Apologies in advance but I only work weekdays and have limited access to my blog at work and because somebody went through my street's phone and internet cable I now have no phone or internet at home for the past few days, so my visiting of other blogs and commenting will be down for a few days until I return to work on Monday (it hadn't been fixed as I wrote this), so no online PS3 COD Black OPs for me this weekend.LOL

So on Monday I will definitely be back blogging but I'm hoping before that or I may have to change the blog name to The Angrier Lurker.


  1. hehehe :D jedi mind tricks is epic :P

  2. My response would be ...can you lift up your top,
    so I can be sure ?

    Her Jedi mind tricks are strong with this one !

  3. lol. nice mind tricks, both of them

  4. Hope you have a good weekend, Lurker. See you next week. Eat well.

  5. that's an awesome picture.

  6. Must try and focus on the text ...
    Must try and focus on the text ...
    Must try and focus on the text ...
    Must try and focus on the text ...
    Must try and focus on the text ...

  7. Don't fall for the darkside Luke... Luke???

  8. Foolish Jedi, your mind tricks do not work on me.


  10. wow if I saw that in real life....

  11. those are not the breast i am looking for.

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  13. Seems to me even poetry in several languages is too little to get the attention today.

  14. Those are not the breasts I am looking for, but there is definitely a strong resemblance.

    Anyway, about your suggestion to switch captcha off...

  15. Hahaha awesome post :D image is so good =]

  16. That has to be my favourite blog pic of 2011. I doubt anything will beat it for the remaining 11 months.

  17. i dont see text anyway..its a boobs lol

  18. wut text?

  19. It must have worked on me and I did read the text, several times, while checking to see if the pic gets bigger.

    But I noticed that despite all the verbiage the Swedish guy never once said anything related to the topic or the blog, suggesting a copy-paste s p a m job, not a real reader. It's always a fine line, but I used my translation device to find a word for him in the one language he missed, Swedish: Kommentarekrappost Or commentary crap post, with an umlaut over the a.

    Hope you're back in gear soon. Too bad you might miss the Packers at Bears today at 1400 central for the NFC Championship, and winner goes to the Superbowl. should have it.

  20. My breasts are small and humble so you don't confuse them with mountains.

  21. Geez at least if he wanted to spam the comments with a shameless promotion for his blog he could just have put in one bloody poem instead of all of those...

    great pic and thanks! i have copied it lol