Friday, 29 March 2013

An introduction to the Reject Ian.

Now Ian is our resident tantrum expert, famous for a few words and prophecies and recently not liking any period before 1800!

More shenanigans because of the megalomaniac Phil

I introduce Ian..........

What his wife thinks he does.........

Asked his his better half for some idea but couldn't actually quote her or keep listening to the torrent of abusive language.....

What he likes us to think he does at work........

He thinks he's a flaming lift engineer.......

What he really does at work........

I believe that's him on the right..........he once pooped in his helmet in the back of a van on the motorway but the doors swung open and he caused quite a panic to other people on the motorway.

A day in Ian's life.........

IBS, the gift that keeps on giving!

How he sees himself....

Do not get him started on Napoleonic warfare or French elan........

How we usually see him........

This is quite similar to how he looks and walks, those years of American Football were hard on him....

if he was in the movie Kelly's Heroes, he'd be.........

General Colt but worse......... 

Ray is doing another Reject Smiffy!


  1. Having met Ian and Smiffy these two posts make more sense. I can't say I either agree or disagree with them though as Only encountered him the once!

  2. When he told me about the crap in his helmet moment, I laughed for days. It was like a scene from Only Fools and horses. Nice one Fran!!!

    1. I'd have thought more like "Auf Wiedersehen Pet"?

      Great post Fran! :)

  3. Actually, depending on what position he played, he doesn't look too bad now.
    Very funny, Ray!

  4. I still think there are very few things worth knowing after 1800.

  5. At least you see him as a mature, silver back gorilla.

  6. When you gotta go you gotta go I just hope he never wore that helmet again.

  7. French... after 1800... so, he likes loosing?! :P
    Makes sense if he played American football. It's not about winning, it's about the pain!!

  8. You guys are funny with this stuff.

  9. Great stuff! I'm a huge fan of General Colt. "Get the hell out of here! We got the game on!"

  10. Oh God you guys are brutal. I'm guessing he's wishing he'd never given out the poop in the helmet story!

  11. Pooped in his helmet - I assume that that story is borught up fairly often, but not by him.

  12. I am afraid to respond... you might send in the Ian... and stomping might occur.

  13. Hahahahahaaa... I mean.. HHAHAHHahhahaaaahhhahaaa..
    Nice to meet you Ian :)

  14. Another classic post. The only thing I find odd is that he sees himself exactly as I see myself.

  15. Seems like a likable guy.

  16. did you change something on your blog? it seems different...

  17. Think you made a mistake their Fran. The photo with the bad posture kindof reminds me of you,

  18. Anyone who gets looked upon as a massive gorilla deserves respect, I think

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