Tuesday, 26 April 2016

An Irish Reject on tour Part 2: AWI 1756 "Fort Lee" Batrep......

.......with the Rejects! 

Whilst over in Kent attending Salute 2016, meeting mates and rekindling my love of easily accessible fast food, Postie put on an evening game for me and some available Rejects (even cooked me dinner before the game).

The game was a small skirmish between British and French forces, the French raiding and the British retreating to protect their citizens and Fort Lee! The rules are very simple where the D20 is king. Roll high or die!

Order of Battle
British Colonel (CiC - John)
   44th Line (16 Figures)
   60th Line (Royal American) (20 Figures)
   80th Light Infantry (12 Figures)
Special Character (Indian)
Civilians (30 Figures - Some armed with Rifles)

French Colonel (CiC -Me!)
   Bearn Line (20 Figures)
   Campagnes Franch de la Marine (12 Figures)
   Trans Rivienes Militia (12 Figures)
Indian Chief
Special Character (Indian)
   Indian Warband (12 Figures)
   Indian Warband (12 Figures)

The initial set up........

Postie has all his ducks in a row........

Fort Lee, otherwise to be known as kindling.......

The blacksmith shoeing the commanders horse, speedy exit may be required......

We had hidden movement markers.............

What lurks beneath.........

Lovely scenery and vignettes everywhere.......

Warm hands...........

The citizens unaware of the danger.........

More damn markers.........

And we begin with the attack on the bridge, the only point of crossing........

The initial volley clears the bridge and the British backbone.......

The now unguarded bridge..........

The British (Rays arm) run towards the Fort.........

Surjit who had an Indian warband under his command (was given no extra troops due to acting like a little girl with them), Lee "Cake Eater"Hadley and Postie contractual (in blood) shot.......

John who taught he was in command, Ray who acted like he was in command and the gentleman with a hint of the pyromaniac about him Richard........

When you fire and want to reload you get a little marker........

Militia and Indians crossing.........

Some of the cards reveal their units........

The Bearn Line Regiment........

Compagnies Franche de la Marine........

Richard trying to set fire to the building..........

The bridge is becoming a bit of a log jam......

Traffic is backing up...........

Never got a cake myself........

One that Lee didn't get.........

Shameful, that's his third.........

Ray is still retreating.........

Richards pyromania is coming along nicely........

The French advance more and more, no British in sight......

These two ended up playing ring a ring a rosie, Surjit didn't even scalp anybody..........

The British finally make a fight of it......

Ray giving his troops the finger..........

The smoke of gunpowder, the fog of war.......

Up close and personal..........

Richards been at it with the torches again and such a nice chap too.......

A good game with friends, a victory to the French, 45-17 I believe, it was all that burning and scalping and of course the French tactical leadership!

Good to see everyone again, have a game and a couple of nights later a chinese and a few beers!

Coming back through customs was a bit of a nightmare, set off metal detector and had my bag contents perused by a gentleman who wanted to know what the little bits of metal were? I felt violated and not in a good way!


  1. cool, must get some non functional table scenery

  2. Great to see you back at Reject HQ. Even better a Win for you. Which is odd as Ray looks very happy grinning like a Nick Park plastercine Sculpture.

    NO Cake that is a travesty!

    1. Getting old, the reflexes are shot!

  3. Great stuff Fran, but I am pretty sure they've let you win... ;-)

  4. And you call them friends? Even now they didn't give you a piece of cake?
    Great game report and pictures Fran! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Cracking looking game, all good stuff. What wargaming (and cake eating) is all about. Nice

  6. So, dinner and a show?
    Someone should have armed the cow. And the ducks.
    And metal detectors are such a pain.

  7. What a stunning table top and a great game to boot! A resounding victory too, although I am sorry about the lack of pastries that you managed to get your hands on.

  8. Fantastic looking game. Obviously it was the superior French command that made the difference!

  9. Great looking game, I'm sure it was a lot of fun despite certain others' presence.

  10. Great looking table! And you got dinner?????

  11. A French victory is always a great moment...beaufitul pics and write up!

  12. haha didn't get a cake, how rude. Looks like a grand game was had indeed. Metal detectors are such a pain in the butt.

  13. Great looking game Fran! I think you will to throw a few sharp elbows next time to make sure you get some cake.


  14. those little ducks and piggies are utterly delightful, hope they didn't become anyone's dinner....

    1. We didn't raid that far unfortunately!

  15. Blimey, good game and plenty to eat too Well, except for the cake. That Hadley feller wants watching . . . .

  16. Great and very interesting game. With cake-time included in the fight... nice idea!

  17. Great to have you back in the shed you ol' shitbag!!
    I dunno, take you out for a Chinese (chili squid) droooool! Get Postie to do you a game and then let you win a game??? That's what pals are for!!!

    1. Piss off slackbladder, pure talent!

  18. That looked to be a great game! Good work with the French but too bad you didn't get any cake. Outrageous. It seems the French have always missed out on the cake in Canada... :)

  19. Looks like a fun game Fran. Glad you got to get together the old gang and at like boys again!

  20. Ah, if only you'd been in command in real life!

  21. Great looking game Fran, good to see you hooking up with old buddies!!!

  22. OMG I so love these play by plays you do. Laughed my ass off and so sorry you didn't get any cakes! Congrats on the win :)

  23. The French won? Bloody hell. Sucks you didn't get through customs smoothly. What could you possibly do?

  24. What? No pictures of dinner? hehehe Glad you guys had so much well deserved fun!

  25. Glad you had fun but sorry you didn't get any cake. That's just wrong.

  26. A most interesting report, and lots of wonderful minis and scenery! :D Cheers Francis!

  27. A most interesting report, and lots of wonderful minis and scenery! :D Cheers Francis!

  28. Cake, battle, and pyromania. Sounds like my idea of a good time!

  29. Gaming with some old friends, having some beer and food together...

    Sounds like a perfect trip to me!

  30. Good stuff, Fran! Great to see you back slumming it with those good-fer-nothings again!