Friday, 22 October 2010

Zombies: A Hunter's Guide by Osprey Publishing.

Picked this up at SELWG last week and I have been looking forward to its release for a very long time and paid the £10.99 asking price.I have read a lot of books on zombies and watched a lot of movies with zombies in them and the different types of zombies(fast or slow usually) but this book describes a lot of other zombies from necromantic,voodoo and nazi zombies to atomic and viral zombies(there are more described),why some zombies eat flesh and why they do and others that just want to infect.It deals with how to identify the type of zombie you are dealing with and how to dispatch it or them(which with some types described is not easy), and zombie hunters weapons, equipment and tactics.

The book is hugely entertaining with a lot of stuff that will have you hitting the google link on your computer(I know I did) .There are mentions of Gettysburg, the LA Bust Out, Mexican drug battles, Ark of the Covenant and Operation Eklipse,Fight Clubs and numerous others.

The book is 80 pages, a lot of nice artwork and well put together and I have no problem recommending this book even if you only have a slight interest in zombies of any type, it does contradict other things I have read but I like that and this would be perfect for any gamers or to put in your zombie survival kit if the time comes and going by this book it may be sooner than you think.

I hope this brief review helps and that you get this book because  I do not think you will be disappointed


  1. Just got it off of Amazon the other day, it is on my to read pile, which as always grows each week no matter how many books i read.
    Looks good.

  2. I have to admit I was a bit dubious when I saw the promo fluff for this a while ago... but if you reckon it's worth it...

    Liking the blog btw!

  3. Nice one bro, I was waiting for someone with a little Zed Cred to give there opinion on this book, will have to get myself a copy...cheers.

  4. No problem, glad to be of assistance.