Saturday, 23 October 2010

First Empire: My 15 minutes of Wargaming Fame????

My friend Ray from did a report of a 15mm napoleonic wargame with pictures that was mentioned here and on his blog, then the owner of First Empire asked to use the post in his magazine and hey presto here we are in the latest issue with the article and I am in 2 pictures(well technically 3 if you count a picture of my hands) and the owner of a free copy of a magazine I had only heard of and unlike Ray I do not charge for autographs.

On a lighter note The Group with No Name met up today and had a 15mm ACW wargame using Fire and Fury Rules(now named 1 and Fury rules,I hate them) and I was on the losing confederate side with Ray and will post some eye candy pics from the game on Monday and some of the members of "Posties Rejects" The Group with No Name new name???? 

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