Sunday, 7 November 2010

Angry's Honest Movie Reviews 4: RED

Saw this movie recently mainly because it had Bruce Willis in it and the promo seemed to cover most demands I have(guns, action and humor),the movie is based on a 3 issue comic book by Warren Ellis in 2003/4.
Willis(still got it and a movie made for him) is a retired CIA operative who is been pursued by assassins led by Karl Urban(bad guy/very good actor) after contact with a girl at his pension provider,they go on the run and get the retired gang back together, Freeman(dependable as always), Malovich(playing the lunatic who believes they are out to get him and he is right), Mirren(great scene) and some outside assistance from Brian Cox(the russian) the action is plentiful, plenty of laughs and one liners,great performances from everybody and a good ending make this a 3 STAR bordering on a 4 STAR, recommended. 


  1. I just watched it and I thought it was great !

  2. Great movie. I agree it was perfect for Bruce Willis. Malkovitch was also terrific. Actually everyone in it was great. Loved the review.

  3. i give it 2.5 on the lurker scale. it is a comic book adaptation but just seemed a bit scrambled in places.