Thursday, 25 November 2010

The Horde: Zombie Movie Review.

Watched this last week as I am a bit of a fan of Zombie movies, this is a french one from the director Yannick Dahan.It starts as a revenge trip for 4 corrupt police officers as they attempt to kill the criminal responsible for the death of one of their own, that mission goes bad for them and they are at the mercy of the criminals when zombie hell breaks out literally and they have to join forces to fight off the zombie menace(fast zombie and slow zombies?).This is a grim movie and would be a lot better if you actually cared for any of the main characters but you don't(I did not recognise any of the main actors possibly because they were french and not really known to me),The movie is quick paced and set in the location of a tower block and it just about worth 3 STARS for a couple of good scenes(.30 cal WW2 light machine gun and a corridor full of zombies being a stand out moment).Remember revenge is a dish best served cold and your greatest danger is always going to be other survivors.Make sure you watch it in its native language it really helps, dubbing can be a real curse.

On a lighter note I have created another blog for movies and TV and the other bits of screen shenanigans, I will still post zombie goodness here but if you are interested in the big and small screen here is the link  it's still new but updated very regularly. Thanks.


  1. While I enjoyed it, I have to admit that there was little character depth and it felt a bit rushed at the end. 'Siege of the Dead' is a German film and does it a little better and is novel in that there are no guns used. Ignore the box art though as it bears little relation to the films content. Small group of assorted Germans (all strangers mostly) trapped in separate apartments in a small apartment block in Berlin, pretty much covers the plot. The zombies are pretty incidental to the story and there isn't much gore... but decent portrayal of very ordinary people under pressure.

  2. I tried to watch this movie (after I had stopped laughing my arse off at the title "La Horde") but I did not manage to get through it. The characters were so unbelievably uninteresting that I fell asleep only 15-20 minutes into the movie. And this from a guy who stayed awake for the entire duration of the Serbian zombie romp Zone of the Dead (crap, but funny).