Friday, 26 November 2010

Wargames Illustrated 278: The Samurai Issue(mostly).

One of my monthly magazine expenses Wargames Illustrated 278 has come up trumps with an issue covering my favourite period, Samurai in the Sengoku period.Its got background information and history of the three men who unified Japan but also a painting guide for mons, armour and clothing(nice) and some rules aswell which can be downloaded(which I did and will have a read of later) from the wargames illustrated site called Legends of the Rising Sun(based on GW Lord of the Rings rules).If you are a fan of the samurai period you will know a lot of this already but its nice to see a bit of eye candy.The issue also has some non samurai related articles to read aswell.

Yakoi from the blog is doing a multi part history series on the unification of Japan if you want to have a look.


  1. I normally do a review of each issue on my blog but totally forgot this month... but not because I didn't like it. I enjoyed the Samurai theme and always enjoy the eye candy in each issue. I also enjoyed the follow up articles from last months Theme on the Hungarian Assault Gun battalions.

  2. Very cool. I like WI, especially the old Gary Chalk terrain articles.

  3. looks awesome great post as always.