Saturday, 20 November 2010

The Walking Dead: Episode 3........good but only just.

The 3rd episode covers the reunion between Rick and his family and best friend Shane and the greatest problem during a zombie holocaust, other survivors.Apart from the introduction of a new character Daryl Dixon(very good) brother of Merle left on the roof,there is nothing but whining, physical abuse, recriminations,bartering and threats(all legitimate problems when people are forced together during difficult times).The episode ends with the attempt to free Merle on the roof but even that goes bad and only 2 zombies in the whole episode.I am starting not to care about many of the characters in the series and if that is what they are trying to show they are doing a good job

As I said when the apocalypse comes stick to yourself and family until you know better.


  1. Angry,

    It's Shane that is Ricks best friend, Dale is the owner of the RV and the bolt cutters Rick borrows. In exchange for borrowing the bolt cutters he promised Dale his pick of the guns Rick Dropped in Atlanta.

    Don't worry about the lack of zombies, if they follow the graphic novel you may have entire episodes where there's only a few or even no zombies, its more about the interaction between the survivors and how while the zombies are a threat to them, surviving humans are an even bigger threat.

  2. Well, I enjoyed it, didn't see that ending coming. I guess you need that kind of episods, building up the characters and all that.

  3. I recorded it, but the adverts still spoiled it for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I figured Merle wouldnt be there when they left him. I hate knowing what is going to happen on a show. BUT I love this show so far so I hope it keeps getting better with limited episodes like this last one.
    Great post!

  5. I'm still liking the series but I'm a little surprised the survivors haven't been a little more aggressive clearing out the troublemakers (Merle & his brother, & the wifebeater). I think things would be a lot more Old West in one of those survivior camps, and people who pissed off the group would probably catch a bullet in the back of the head pretty quick.

  6. Shane is trying to but his head is elsewhere at the moment.