Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fanticide Game and bloody exams......

Currently doing 6 online tests and a couple of verbal tests with my assessor at work so this is something I prepared earlier, Ray won the painting challenge by cheating great skill and I will wander around your blogs as soon as I can kick the assessor out......

Contacted by Drew Cremeans and asked if I could promote a program they have started called War Host where you get paid to play games, I said at the moment it would be pointless as the Rejects are tight careful bastards!
Anyway here's something they're promoting, I have not received anything from this individual or company .....but you never know!

Don't worry if it's not your thing!

Check out this new game on the way called Fanticide.
Here’s what the manufacturer has to say:
What do flying monkeys, twisted fairy tales, hand grenades, and skin eating creeps have in common?
Apparently the same thing as a loose band of veteran games designers, Australian miniature makers, UK sculptors, fantastic fiction writers, great artists, and a crazy megalomaniac have: They all come together in Nowhere, the setting for Fanticide, a new and different kind of fantasy miniatures game coming very soon from Alien Dungeon.
We will be previewing more information each week on the game via our Alien Dungeon Blog until launch, but the highlights are outlined below.
Fanticide is a new skirmish game for battles between opposing homicidal warbands. We wanted a game that was easy to pick up, full of furious action, and whimsically grim, all at the same time. Not sanitized, market driven, “our figures or else” Mega Game Mart style, but just plain old miniature madness from the slime covered super metal halls of Alien Dungeon. (We really do need to clean up around here a bit more).
We unapologetically have been self indulgent with it and made something we would want to play.
The rules have been developed and written by Rick Priestley, Alessio Cavatore, Andy Chambers and Ernest Baker.
Fiction by E. Skye Chaney
Art by Tony Ackland, Alyn Spiller, and John Moriarty
Sculpting by Mike Broadbent, Alan Marsh, Paul Clarke, and Ernest Baker
We are proud to be working with Eureka Miniatures on this, and they have done a bang up job of well executed, easy and fast to paint models anyone can get a good result with. No, they aren’t plastic or resin but durable, heavy, cleanly cast metal! (Ok, a few of the BIG models have resin components, but they are very finely cast).
Some details on the game itself:
·       Does not use an “I go, you go” turn sequence, so common today.  Instead, it uses a card driven sequence, full of events and interesting command & control choices. We have also worked hard to make the cards non-obtrusive to the miniatures on the table top.
·       Easy to learn but challenges and rewards intelligent game play
·       Allows you to play fantasy games without investing hundreds of dollars into a single army
·       30 to 40 figures per side is typical
·       Four key war bands in the army list at launch with a full figure line to support them.
·       Isn’t just more goblins, dwarves, and skeletons!
·       Points based to help balance games for competitive play and great for pickup games at your local store or club.
·       Combat and magic is simple but gives an interactive and satisfying result.
·       Open Architecture and clear guidelines for building any kind of war band you want with figures you want to use…anything is possible in Nowhere!
·       While written with 28mm miniatures in mind, it does work with other scales.
Designed for the mature gamer, it contains depictions of hard violence and lots of off color jokes! Be warned, parental discretion is advised.
We hope to start shipping in June, as long as we can stop playing it and get it packed!
Beginning next week, we will be rolling out loads of previews of the miniatures, rules, and setting.


  1. I've just popped across to the Alien Dungeon web site and I have to say Fanticide does look very, very interesting. And if it has the likes of Rick Priestly and Alessio Cavatore doing the rules it should be a well written and thought out set of rules

    1. And good luck with the exams!!!

    2. Bless him he needed a lot help from yours truly, lucky the examiner needed to go for a smoke!!!!

  2. Looks interesting. I will have closer look, though I'm actually not really a gamer.

  3. i wish i had friends to play... games. it has been so long. i find playing with myself is not as fun. wink!

  4. It sounds interesting and I might look into it as I like the thought of painting a few fantasy figures, but not GW junk....er products that is.


  5. Seen these elsewhere they look rather spiffy

  6. Does look very interesting and yeah good luck with the fun tests.

  7. With all the 'names' attached to the game it should be good, however the figures don't inspire me and that is usually the main draw for me looking at new stuff.

  8. Interesting...certainly not my 'thing', but a relatively new take on the game system.

  9. Sounds cool to me!
    Sorry Ray cheated.

  10. Why does that last picture kinda remind me of Flash Gordon? lol.

  11. I too have seen this fairly recently. I will not get into it though, penneys being spent elsewhere LOL

    Hope the exams are not to bad


  12. Good luck with the tests, and thanks for the heads up with yet another distraction!

  13. I've been keeping an eye on Fanticide too.. it looks promising. I like games that are flexible and allow for any minis and theme you want to go with.

    The only drawback I can think of, is when explaining the rules or if answering a question you're likely to say something like "Oh to wound? well, *in Fanticide* you first...' and passerbys will think you're having a game about killing babies. soon you'll have a reputation as a real wacko ;)

  14. I've been watching fanticide, mostly as it looks different


  15. Madness. But, then again what else is war all about (apart from power, resources etc...)?;0
    Good luck with your exams Fran! :)

  16. I feel all lost and confused again o.o

  17. I went to the Eureka Miniature site and they've got some killer stuff. I want those Germans mounted on dino's in the worst way. And did you see that they have a figure of Cu Chulainn. As soon as the Hubby lifts the ban on my mini spending I'm buying it.

  18. congrats to Ray and Annzie on a great competition!

  19. Seem interesting, have to check them out

  20. Good luck on those tests and good luck on listening to Ray about winning the challenge...ha ha ha

    They both did a great job - congrats to them both!!!

  21. Good luck with the tests! Fanticide looks interesting.

  22. Sounds very like GASLIGHT... though more emphasis on fantasy medieval setting... written by RP, bound to be a fun game... I like the deliberate steer away from 'you must buy our models' approach...

  23. An army of flying monkeys....What is not to like?!

    Good luck with the games!!!

  24. sounds like a very interesting game