Sunday, 19 December 2010

Between the bloody weather and the man flu.

Between the bloody weather here in Kent, England and having one of the greatest threats to men (man-flu) this weekend has gone to hell in a hand basket.I was walking down the snow covered paving slabbed garden when I trod on a hidden present under the snow from one or all of the 2 dogs, 5 ducks or 2 chickens my other half owns and reside in the garden and did some sort of move the chinese gymnast or russian ice skating team couldn't have done or wanted to, I believe I pulled something and not in a good way and this combined with the horrors of man flu which saw me pebbledash my shed(among other areas) and a majority of figures with snot and mucus in a sneezing fit(s)(cricket score figures) that has me contemplating contacting the Guinness Book of records people.I hate the snow and christmas is giving me the arse aswell.Baaaaaaaaaaah Humbug.The picture represents my other half's reaction.

This helpful link was found on and hopefully will other sufferer's.


  1. Sounds harrowing, with everything coming at once - this time of year can definitely be un-fun. Hope you're feeling good again soon enough!

  2. Sorry to hear about your man flu old boy, but what a game in Perth at the 3rd Test. (I went to the WACA on day 2) About time our bowlers stepped up, this has brought the series back to life. May the best team win. (Hopefully the Aussies.)

  3. Have to support the aussies, I believe some relatives got sent there by the english for potato smuggling.

  4. Been suffering a bit of so called man flu myself but with a temperature that could boil water it felt more like real flu - although, I guess I would say that :)

    Please don't support the Aussies ! Ever !! Don't forget that those potatoes could have meant the difference between life and death ;-)

    I like your style, I'll be back for another visit. Keep on sharing,

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  5. Somehow I've dodged the 'man flue' bullet thus far. Despite being surrounded by sick people - at work, at home, at games! - I have not succumbed. Maybe I'm saving it for Christmas day. I hope not... 12 people over for dinner and still lots to do in preparation.

  6. Thanks for the support and the mention! Womenfolk just don't realise what a debilitating thing it is.

    I'm not a cricket fan by far, but there's something eternally British when you hear the sound of leather on wood, followed by the clanking of manacles as the Aussie fans applaud another ball sent off to the boundary.

  7. We don't get cricket over here. Just interminable American football coverage. Could be worse, could be soccer.

  8. i know i shouldn't laugh at you hurting yourself, but the way you described it put a hilarious image in my head... that ManFlu site is classic!